5 Ways To Make Your Instagram Question Sticker Convos Flirty & Not Flat

With social media apps changing their features faster than we can blink, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Instagram released their new story feature on July 10th that includes a Question Sticker option. This allows people to ask any question they want towards that person, where the questions themselves aren’t anonymous, once they are answered and reposted to the story, they are.

Instagrams new feature has got us thinking, what better way to start up a flirt conversation than by using this new feature to your advantage. Think about it, this gives you the ability to ask your crush any questions you’ve been dying to ask but are too afraid to just slide into their DMs.

Here are five different ways for you to take full advantage of not only being a social media expert but a flirting expert too.

Ask About Their Vacation


What better time to answer some questions than while relaxing on vacation, it’s also the perfect time for you to make a move. Slide into their question sticker with a simple, *Destination* looks amazing, how is it? It’s a simple way for you to start a conversation without looking like you’re going out of your way to do so.

After they answer your question, go from there. If it seems like they’re excited to answer it, slide into their DMs or shoot them a text to ask more. It’s a super easy way to start a conversation and who knows where it could go from there.

*Insert Compliment Here*


Some people are just posting a selfie and waiting for questions if your crush is one of those people take that as an opportunity to compliment them there. It’s the perfect way to show them you’re interested without the whole world knowing.

Since your profile will show for them but not in their response, you’ll be able to see how they genuinely feel. If it looks like they’re flirting back ask them another question like “Can I have your number?” and wait for their response. No matter what they respond with, at least you know you took your shot.

Ask About Where They’re Eating


For that basic Instagram post of your crush’s delicious food with a question sticker attached what better way to spark up a conversation than asking where they are. It would be familiar enough of a question to not seem too headstrong, and they’ll be more likely to answer it.

After they answer, follow up with “We should go together sometime,” or something hinting that you want to hang out with them or even go on a date. Who knows, your relationship story might start with, “Well I just asked where they were eating on Instagram.”

That *Location* Looks Amazing


Did your crush post a question sticker at a quaint coffee shop or a cute park? If it’s a place that they seem to enjoy and would look like a great date spot, ask them where they’re at. Similar to the restaurant question just at a different location.

The question keeps you from looking too intrigued, while still showing enough interest in what they’re doing.

Ask Something Juicy


If you’re feeling bold and don’t have question boundaries, this is your perfect time to ask. Since they know what question you’re asking they will respond accordingly but honest as well because┬áthe post shows up anonymous.

Ask them if they ever thought you were cute or if they would ever consider going on a date. It shows you’re not afraid to flirt and make the first move and allows them to be as honest as they want. Sit back and anxiously wait for their response and hope it works in your favor.

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