Meet The Children’s Toy Encouraging Families To Rescue Pets

What child doesn’t love the idea of buying a polished, perfect dog or cat from a breeder rather than a scruffy, abandoned pet from the shelter?

While this may be the case for most kids, South African company Prima Toys is doing something to change that. One of their latest toys, Scruff-A-Luv encourages children to care for a rescued pet. The toy comes as a matted ball of fur that looks sad and abandoned. However, once kids bathe, brush, and love the animal, they can see the pet’s true form and that a cute dog, cat, or rabbit was under the matted fur all along.

The toy is instrumental in teaching children not to judge something by first appearances and also to encourage families to rescue one of the many real pets in need that may not look as nice as pets from breeders initially but are just as worthy of love.

Scruff-A-Luv first received international attention when Nadia Gabriel, who runs the blog The Non-Adventures of a Stay at Home Mum, posted about it on Facebook and Instagram.

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What is this weird thing?? Well that scruffball on the left becomes the cutey on the right. Or a kitten or a puppy. The idea behind it is to encourage the rescue and rehabilitation of animals without homes. It was my FAVOURITE toy from the Prima Toys Launch yesterday. Kids will get a box with a scruffy and forlorn looking creature inside. They then wash it and brush it out (there’s a brush and some other stuff in the box) and discover the beautiful animal inside that just needed a bit of TLC. . If we can teach kids from a young age to adopt and not shop, imagine how many animals will be rescued from shelters. Well done @primatoys . . . . #primatoptoys #primasa #prima #adoptdontshop #breedlovenotanimals #savealife #saveananimal #rescueanimals #love #pets #teachthemyoung #animals #samomblogger #safoodblogger #sabloggerscafe

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Children around the world are already loving their new forever friend!

The Scruff-A-Luv is $26.33 and is available on Very.

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