Hero Cosmetics’ Pimple Patches Make Blemishes Practically Invisible

It’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t had any problems with acne, even after puberty. They’re super annoying and seem to always come around when you want to look nice, completely unannounced! If you’ve ever had a mini panic attack while looking at a pretty noticeable blemish the day of something important, or just in general, Hero Cosmetics has the product for you!

The Mighty Patch has already been praised by users for removing pimples overnight. The hydrocolloid patch is a sticky patch that can pus from facial blemishes, resulting in less inflamed, and noticeably smaller pimples! However, surprise attacks can be a bit unavoidable at times, and not everyone is comfortable with walking around with pimple patches on their faces in public. They can be extremely noticeable, and unless you’re making some kind of statement about the need to normalize skincare and facial blemishes within the media, (go for it, if you are!) they’re not really made for everyday wear.

With that in mind, Hero Cosmetics has answered our prayers for a more subtle skincare remedy that we can use in public! They recently come out with their newest product, the Mighty Patch Invisible +, a pimple patch that’s formula allows users to wear them whenever they want, even outside.


The Mighty Patch Invisible+ is just like the original product, except for the amazing fact that they look invisible on your face! These new patches have clear edges that blend with your complexion, complete with a matte finish that allows your zit to be completely camouflaged by the sticker!

Most pimple patches have a shiny finish and are made of a much thicker material that makes it extremely obvious that you’re wearing one and concealer doesn’t help either. It just makes pimples look flaky and patchy, and even the most buildable foundations and concealers can look a bit cakey when trying to cover a rather large pimple.

Of course, they won’t be completely invisible, but this product comes pretty close to invisibility cloak level concealment! What we love the most about Mighty Patch Invisible+ is that they seem perfect for a day at the beach! You don’t necessarily want to wear a full face of concealer and foundation when you’re thinking of spending the day around water, but the Mighty Patch Invisible+ is perfect for the light coverage you’ll need this summer!

If it couldn’t get any better, the Mighty Patch Invisible+ is priced at only $18 for a pack of 39 patches, and are sold exclusively on herocosmetics.us

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