Weird Food Facts That Will Make You Question Your Reality

There are so many assumptions you may have made about food in your life. Or maybe things you haven’t even thought about. We have a list of some of the weirdest food facts and you’ll be sure to be surprised–and maybe question your reality.

1. Bananas Are Berries


Eggplants are also berries. So how are bananas and eggplants considered to be berries? So basically for a fruit to be considered a berry it needs to have two or more seeds on the inside and be derived from a flower with one ovary.

2. But Strawberries And Raspberries Aren’t


Strawberry’s name may indicate otherwise but they actually are not berries. Why? You may think they meet the seed requirement judging from the outside but if you look on the inside there are no seeds. Instead, strawberries are considered “aggregate fruits” which are fruits that develop from multiple ovaries of a single fruit to throw in some technical language.

3. Graham Crackers Were Invented Stop Sexual Urges


Yeah, so Sylvester Graham was very against sexual desire. He invented graham crackers specifically to quell that and he thought whole wheat could help control that. An interesting goal there.

4. Pizza Hut Used To Be The Biggest Purchaser Of Kale


This is confusing because when you think of Pizza Hut you may just think of pizza. But they actually used to purchase the most kale before that kale trend took off in 2012. Pizza Hut used them as a garnish for their salad bars.

5. The US Government Banned Sliced Bread In 1943


What’s the harm in sliced bread? The purpose of the ban was “aimed at effecting economies in the manufacture of bread and in the use of paper” (so to save some money). Apparently, a lot of people complained and the savings weren’t significant enough so the ban was lifted.

6. Honey Never Expires


Not everything has an expiration date. The bacteria and microorganisms that spoil food need moisture to survive and honey contains very little water. But make sure to store honey in a dry place so it doesn’t get spoilt.

7. Spam: “Spice” And “Ham”

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You may have never really thought of this one, but according to the creator, the name didn’t come out of nowhere. It was named after “spice” and “ham”–which makes sense.

8. The Aztecs And The Mayans Used Chocolate As Currency


In the 14th century, the Aztecs and the Mayans used chocolate as currency (specifically cacao beans) because they were considered precious. We wholeheartedly agree.

9. Ketchup Used To Be Sold As Medicine


It was considered to be a tonic. Some recipes for ketchup were even concentrated into pills and sold as medicine (huh?).

10. White Chocolate Isn’t Even Chocolate


So yes white chocolate is lying to us: it isn’t even chocolate. It contains cocoa butter but not chocolate solids so it doesn’t technically qualify as chocolate. But this isn’t exactly surprising since it doesn’t truly taste like chocolate.

11. George Washington Invented Eggnog


This may come a bit unexpected but yes: George Washington invented eggnog. Although he forgot the number of eggs that he included in his creation we still agree that he is the founding father of eggnog.

12. Green, Yellow And Red Bell Peppers Are Actually The Same Vegetable


This may seem confusing at first since they are three different colors but they’re just at different stages of development.

13. Pineapples Grow On Bushes


You may have thought that pineapples grow on trees but that is false. They actually grow on bushes and look…interesting.

We hope these weird food facts haven’t left you too shook.

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