5 Ways To Keep Your Independence While In A Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone means you two spend a lot of time together, and it’s because you love doing that. After some time has gone by and you two are still happy as can be you begin to go from me and you to just we. For all relationships, it’s essential for you to have that special bond. However, you also need to be able to still be yourself.

Even though wanting alone time can seem like you don’t want to be around your partner, it is vital to maintaining your independence and shouldn’t be mistaken for being mad or not wanting to spend time with them. Whether it just be spending time all by yourself or having a night on the town with your girlfriends, wanting alone time is totally normal.

Here are five different ways for you to keep your independence while still maintaining a healthy relationship.

Girls’ Night Out


No matter if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or just starting dating it’s important to always keep your best friends close and cherish your time alone with them. One way to do so is planning time with just them, no partners just a much needed GNO.

Of course, there can be times that you all hang out with your significant others and each other, but it’s important to still have those movie nights with just you and your BFFs. Every time you go on a date with your partner try planning a night with your friends that same week, it gives you time with your partner as well as some alone time with your friends too.

Work Outings


Spending time at work usually means being away from your significant other, and sometimes that means staying later to grab a drink with your coworkers. Don’t ever feel guilty or like you have to pass up this prime networking time just because you’re leaving your partner out.

There will probably be times where work has an event, and you’re allowed to bring someone along, that is the perfect time to have your partner come. However, if it is just grabbing drinks or going to grab dinner after work to further discuss the workday, let that be your alone time. Plus, odds are your partner won’t really enjoy tagging along and listening to you all talk about work anyway.

One-On-One Time


Who said “alone time” has to be on your own? If you and your partner live together, it can be hard to really have that real alone time. Instead of always having to do things together, even if it’s just watching TV, try doing your own thing while still being around each other.

It could be as simple as one of you loves to play video games while the other wants to catch up on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so instead of fighting over who gets to do what you both do your own thing right next to one another. It’s alone time without having to be all alone.

Family Get-Togethers


When it comes to family vacations or holiday, of course, you want to want to bring your significant other. It’s the best time for them to get to know your family and to see if your family approves of them.

However, if your family just wants to go out to dinner or have your traditional Sunday movie night try not inviting your partner every time. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to bring them around your family it’s just because you want to spend that time with just them every once in a while.

Alone Time


Everyone needs some alone time now and then, and that’s OK. Having the ability to step away from everything and everyone will let you just relax and spend that much needed time with yourself. There’s no need to feel guilty, or for your partner to feel like they did anything wrong, you just need your space.

Take one night out of the week to allow yourself to just unwind and take a bath or catch up on your favorite show. It doesn’t even have to be the whole night just as long as you need.

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