5 Ways To Make Your ‘Almost’ Relationship Official

‘Almost’ relationships are relationships without the title that entails everything an actual, defined relationship does. They are real and super confusing!  If you do everything you do in a relationship, and you’re not talking to other people, how is that not official?  Well, a title means a lot because it actually means both people are on the same page. ‘Almost’ dating happens all the time now because well, people don’t date like they used to anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it official.

It can be difficult to navigate through an ‘almost’ relationship so here are 5 ways to make it official and way more than a month long fling!

Don’t give them a free pass.

In ‘almost’ relationships, one person generally really wants a relationship and the other acts all in some days, hinting that they want it and the next day, they’ll say something that makes them seem totally uninterested. If you want a relationship, don’t settle for not having one just because the other person can’t figure out what they want. Especially if they’re hot and cold and tell you they’re really like you and value your relationship on some days and seem totally uninterested the next.

Don’t rely on your expectations and their actions to define your relationship. Some people are buttheads and will act and do everything like they want a relationship then say that they don’t!

Don’t make it easy for them.

An ‘almost’ relationship could be almost because the person just wants to hook up. Don’t head over right after you get that ‘wyd’ text. You need to set boundaries so they know how good they’ve got it and so that you’re both clear that it’s more than just a hookup.

Try to hang with their friend group and let them hang with yours.

Hanging out and getting along with their friends is a really good thing because you’ll want to keep someone around that you and your friends like! Plus, when they talk to their friends about you, they’ll sway them in the right direction towards a relationship. You want their friends on your side!

Let your partner hang with your friends, too! If they hate them, that’s generally not a good sign and if they love them, then you want to move forward, past the ‘almost’ relationship to a defined one!

Try talking about the future.

If you’re in an ‘almost’ relationship, chances are you haven’t talked about the future. Testing out future plans is a good way to make it clear that you want them to be yours and that you plan to be with them for more than just a month!  Their reaction to future plans is a good way of checking to see if they want a relationship and see a future with you.


When all else fails, ask and talk about it! Asking is the best and most direct way to get your answer. It’s nervewracking but you need to know where your relationship stands and if you want more and you think the other person does too, ask!!  You may have to define the relationship, which is scary but being on the same page with someone is worth it and it can be really good!

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