5 Odd Ways That People Are Using CBD Oil

CBD is a hot new item and the first thing you probably think of when it comes to mind is weed or marijuana, but it actually is way more than that! Cannabidiol is derived from CBD or cannabis plants. Cannabis is used to make marijuana but CBD itself won’t get you high because it’s psychoactive. Like we said, it’s super in right now and you can even buy mascara with CBD oil to condition your lashes.

CBD is still new and many doctors don’t know of its effectiveness because it needs to be studied more. But, many people are discovering CBD oil’s lost of holistic benefits.

Let’s take a looks at 5 odd ways in which people are using CBD oil, today!

For pain relief.


A topical cream containing CBD was found to help ease the pain of arthritis! It’s also a good option because it does have the side effects of taking prescription pills.

Conditioning eyelashes and eyebrows.


Milk makeup has come out with a mascara and eyebrow gel containing CBD oil that helps to condition the lashes and eyebrows. They have a gentler formula that easily comes off and tames hair. As for the mascara, you’re sure to get awesome volume and length while conditioning your lashes.

To fight cancer.


Olivia Newton John’s daughter posted on Instagram telling the world that her mom was using CBD oil as a topical treatment for her breast cancer. She argued that it helps to inhibit cell growth! Doctors are unsure and can’t say that cannabis helps as an effective form for cancer treatment.

To help relieve stress.


New vitamin like gummies containing CBD and THC are being taken to help ease anxiety and panic attacks. You can even buy CBD infused dog cookies to help anxious, nervous dogs!

In skincare.


Besides the makeup containing CBD, the use of it in skincare has found to be really good for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties!

These are all holistic, health hacks without tons of backed research.  You’ll always want to consult your doctor before trying CBD oils or gummies! Check out Koi CBD for more detials.

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