8 Signs That You’re In The Honeymoon Phase

Getting into a new relationship with someone you really like and are attracted to can feel like you are on top of the world. It is a simple fact that is can be hard out here to find “the one” and once you click with someone who feels the same way you do, it is an amazing feeling. However, the greatness can sadly only last so long within the honeymoon phase and here is how to know if you are in it.

Your Body Is In Control


Physical attraction plays a role in every relationship but for a couple in a honeymoon phase, it is extremely heightened. When your beau walks into the room, you can automatically feel a change in your body even slightly. Sexual intercourse is frequent and your attraction is through the roof.

Increased Energy

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Its almost like you can’t sleep because of the increased energy you have. If you and your partner are having a sleepover, you might find it hard to get tired. During the honeymoon phase, adrenaline is a common culprit including dopamine and serotonin.

Developing An Actual Craving


Like other things like food and activities, you can actually crave your partner. Whether it comes to sex or just being around them, it’s a real thing. You can sometimes actually feel an ache when they’re away.

Your Attention On Each Other Becomes Hyper Focused


Couples in this phase have all their attention on each other, and it becomes more important than anything else. It can be pretty intense and you almost feel like there is no other person in the world you’d rather be focused on more.

Lots of Kissing


Of course, kissing is normal in any relationship but when you’re in the honeymoon phase, you’re on ANOTHER LEVEL. Its the best way to show your partner affection no matter where you are, however making out in public can be a bit uncomfortable for others around you, you’re so infatuated, you won’t even care.

Smiling Becomes Your Resting Face


When you and your partner meet eyes, you can’t help but smile. Smiling is a normal reaction that should be happening at least once a day but the contagious and addictive feeling of smiling because true when being in this phase of a relationship.

Your Brain Goes into Overdrive


Just like when you are hyper-focused on your partner, sometimes it gets to the point when all you can do is think of them and it gets pretty intense. It makes you days become harder when you aren’t around them and all you want to do is think of them.

Your Emotions Are Affected 


That near-obsessed feeling that you get in this phase does ultimately affect your emotions obviously, your hormones are no joke. However, that’s just the relationship evolving. Although it does sound kind of crazy how your brain and body can get in this phase, again it’s just a phase. Soak it all in while it lasts because it does go away, but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing, it has its pros.

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