8 Inspiring & Confidence Building Instagram Accounts

When it comes to Instagram, it is easy sometimes for people to feel less confident in themselves and it can cause some serious mental damage when Instagram influencers and models are posting their best bikini picture or sharing pictures of all the healthy food that they eat. While we’re on the other side of the screen munching on a bag of chips or inhaling some ice cream. Yeah, it can be pretty discouraging and make you feel kind of bad about yourself.

However, these 9 inspiring wellness Instagrammers are more focused on showing the other side of themselves that most of those IG models don’t post on social media. How they really look, what they really do, and how that is helping people become a lot more confident in themselves.

Iskra Lawrence


Iskra Lawrence became huge in just a matter of time when the model spoke out against body shaming and being able to eat what you want without feeling guilty about it. She spoke out very openly about her battle with her eating disorder and hopes it raises awareness on the severity of it especially among young women. The stunning 27-year-old does posts gorgeous photos but obviously can joke around and doesn’t take herself too seriously. The Aerie model even started a campaign that when the hashtag #AerieReal was used, between February and July, $1 was donated to the National Eating Disorder Association. She truly is someone to look up to and follow along with her journey.

Morena Diaz


This swiss blogger is a huge advocate for self-love and body positivity. She shares photos of her in a bikini with her belly and does not care what anyone says or thinks about it. She is also famous for her dancing videos in which she says, “shaking, jiggling, and celebrating life (obviously not caring about cellulite). Also adding how cellulite is natural and that the beauty industry wants women to believe it isn’t. She says, “U CAN’T SPELL CELLULITE WITHOUT U LIT.” Inspiring quotes only here.


Dana Falsetti 


If you’re tired of seeing Instagram models with their ‘perfect’ slim figures, cellulite-free, and tanned kissed skin, take a look at Dana Falsetti’s page for some real shit and a woman’s body that hasn’t been touched over with FaceTune or any other photoshopping app. Falsetti posts her body with no shame. Of course with it all, she does get hate along with it. People shame her for “promoting obesity” when sharing a picture of her eating with her clapping back by saying,

“And how about this post – a fat woman eating. Am I promoting obesity here, too? Or am I not allowed to eat? You don’t care about my health. Repeat: you don’t care about my health. Nobody has ever demanded the state of my mental health, or assumed to know it, by the way. You care about your own self-image, maintaining a hierarchy of bodies that perpetuates violence towards fat and marginalized people and keeps privileged bodied people feeling AND being treated as better than. You care that people who are supposed to feel shame, stay ashamed. How dare I love myself. How dare I exist. How DARE I be visible, right?”

Go off queen.

Robyn Nohling 


Tired of seeing social media influencers posting pictures of their bowl of kale or super healthy smoothies? Robyn Nohling photographs her food and just looking at it can make you hungry. Her food varies from day to day and she really emphasizes the importance of balance in the way you eat. Her way of thinking of food is non-restrictive and enjoyable. Yes, having muffins or ice cream can still be a part of your healthy diet.

Hayley Garnett 


With the number of celebrities who have had babies in the past year and make it seem like this magical amazing experience where you quickly bounce back can make some mothers who don’t have that experience, feel bad about themselves or their pregnancy. Hayley Garnett puts it into perspective that having a baby DOES CHANGE YOUR BODY. Shocking, right? Not really. Sharing photos of her postpartum body helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin just like she puts out on the internet. Don’t be ashamed of your body and what it can do. Being able to bring life into this world is beautiful and badass and so are you.


Kylie Mitchell 


Kylie Mitchell is a blogger, dietician, and mother who shares her advice and opinions on food that can help combat eating disorders and let her followers know that the slice of pizza you just ate isn’t going to make you blow up and just ruin your health. It’s a slice of pizza. She posts her own original watercolor pictures that she explains as “expressing her passive aggressiveness.” I mean hey, I have no problem with that.

Celeste Barber


Being able to not take yourself seriously and joke around can really change the way you perceive posts and pictures on social media, especially Instagram. Celeste Barber is the epitome of “Internet Vs. Reality.” Barber is an actor, comedian, and writer that takes perfectly airbrushed pictures of models and celebrities and collages them with a picture of her trying to imitate the original photo. If you need a really good laugh, you won’t be disappointed with her content.


Jameela Jamil 


Jameel Jamil is an actress and model who advocates against airbrushing photos and keeping all the photoshoots she does with her natural face and body. She runs a separate Instagram account called @i_weigh that helps raise awareness on body positivity and her focus on not letting her social media become another outlet where girls look at her photos and compare themselves to her “perfect” body or life. Emphasising the fact that as humans, we only share a small part of our lives on Instagram.

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