5 Stages Of Putting Yourself Out There Again After A Break-Up

Not only has every girl experienced a break-up, but they’ve also had to experience having to put themselves back out there. Jumping back into the dating world is never easy. There’s something particularly challenging about learning to have that whole new “single and ready to mingle” persona, especially after an emotional or dramatic breakup.

But don’t worry, as tricky as it may be, you can (and will!) totally get back out there in no time. Like every transition in life, there are always stages. Here’s a look at the five brutally honest stages of putting yourself out there post break-up.


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This is the time to get all those tears out. You can cry for days, weeks, even months if you need to. The stage is the longest and hardest. Not only do you feel like you’re never going to get over your ex, you also have zero interest in attempting to get over them. Once you finally get past this stage and realize how much better off you are without them, I promise it only goes up from here.


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A new you, definitely calls for a new look! Makeovers mean different things for different women, of course. It could be anything from getting a new haircut, investing in a new wardrobe, or working out 24/7 to get that perfect revenge bod. Whatever the case may be, this is the moment when you suddenly stop wallowing. You suddenly have no problem taking that extra five minutes in the morning to throw on some mascara or put on that perfect red lipstick.

Time To Mingle

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Now you’re looking good, you’re feeling even better, and you are ready to attempt to mingle and put yourself out there again. Welcome to phase three. This stage is all about the dating and the hook-ups. You may even agree to go on a few blind dates with those guys your girlfriends told you is “perfect for you.” Here’s the catch though. Not every guy you meet during this phase turns out to be prince charming, and not every date you go on is going to leave you wanting more. Sometimes just being able to walk into a bar and let someone buy you a drink is all you need to start feeling good and back out there.

Opening Up Again

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There will come a time where you’re going to have to let another person in. Of course, that time doesn’t have to be soon, but once it comes all those walls that you’ve built up have to start coming down. Everyone is scared of getting hurt again, and feeling scared is totally valid, but you can’t let that fear of getting hurt stop you from potentially meeting the person of your dreams.

Feeling Like Yourself


The last stage is the best stage. Post a break-up you may have felt like a part of you is missing, but after going through all these stages that missing part slowly found its way back to you. All you needed to realize was that missing part was you. At the end of the day, you truly don’t need someone else to make you happy or feel complete. You have the power to give all of that to yourself.

The world is your oyster. And yeah, the single life will likely knock you down a few more times, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Ladies this is your time to shine!

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