8 Foods To Avoid After Your Workout

If you’ve just completed an intense workout you’re probably starving! Whether you grab a protein bar and continue on with your day or you plan to sit and eat a filling meal, you probably want it to be something decently healthy since you just worked out! So what’s the best thing to eat after you workout?

Well? It all depends on what you like but I can tell you what you shouldn’t eat! Here’s a list of food to avoid post workout.

Sugary post-workout smoothie.


A protein smoothie is a good choice but you want to make sure it’s not loaded with sugar. Watch out for sugar-filled protein powders mixed with orange juice or any other ingredients that scream sugar. Stick to a low sugar protein powder, a banana, unsweetened almond milk and some strawberries.

Overprocessed energy bars.


Choose an energy bar with that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or one that is high in sugar. Generally, you want to choose a bar with a small ingredient list. Or go for a banana and a handful of almonds.

Low carb meals.


Instead of avoiding carbs post workout, go for smart carbs. That includes fruits and whole wheat bread or pasta. It’ll help to replenish energy for the rest of your day without blowing your workout.

Sports Drinks.


Don’t grab a Gatorade post workout. They’re high in sugar and not needed unless you’re running a marathon or doing something intense and vigorous. Grab a coconut water or a water with electrolytes after your workout.

Salty Snacks.


Anything like chips or a salty process snack is what you want to avoid. Your body will crave salt after a workout because you lose water through sweating. Aim for a banana or something more wholesome.

Fried foods.


French fries sound awesome post workout but they’ll leave you feeling sluggish. Opt for something like a chicken breast with sweet potato.



While not extremely harmful, you’re already dehydrated after a workout and coffee will only dehydrate you more.

Not eating anything.


Not eating after a workout doesn’t work either! Your body needs to be replenished after all the work it’s done!

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