Kendall Jenner Reveals That She’s Closer To Stormi Than Her Other Nieces & Nephews

Kendall Jenner is the only one part of the Kardashian-Jenner’s that doesn’t have a tot or two. All of her siblings, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian and Burton, Casey, Brandon, Brody and Kylie Jenner are all parents. Does this make Kendall the cool aunt? Yeah, 100%.

The 22-year-old has 13 nieces and nephews total, which is insane. The model has talked about being the resident aunt in her family and why Kylie’s baby, Stormi Webster is the one she’s closest with.

In her March cover story with Vogue, she talked about Kylie’s secret pregnancy and why this birth is so different.

“It’s not that it’s more exciting than any other births in the family—it’s different exciting because she’s my baby sister who I grew up with,” she said. “We all grew up in twos: Kourtney and Kim grew up together; Rob and Khloé; Brandon and Brody; Burton and Casey, and then Kylie and I. So to see my best friend growing up have a baby? It’s already made us even closer.”

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Kendall talked more about her special relationship with Stormi to People. “I love all of my nieces and nephews – I like that I can give them back,” she said jokingly. “But I do feel…a really special connection to Stormi.”

“I don’t know if it’s that Kylie is my little sister, but I was hanging out with her the other day at lunch, and we were just sitting, and [Stormi] was just so comfortable with me, and it made me so happy.”

Kendall’s sisterly bond with Kylie has grown since Stormi was born. She told Elle, “It’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you,” she said. “I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful.”

But even though it’s “weird” it’s been great for the two and they have since become “more loving” toward one another.

Kendall told People that she isn’t in a rush to join her siblings in the parents club. “I still have years that I want to spend for myself for a little while, but more power to [Kylie], man, she is built for this, she is an incredible mom,” Kendall said.

This is the cutest, aunt, sister, niece relationship ever.

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