Ariana Grande Finally Addresses Nicki Minaj Dropping Her Album On The Same Day

Nicki Minaj‘s fourth studio album Queen was supposed to come out on August 10. But the rapper pushed back her release date to August 17. The reason behind the impromptu pushback is a track on the album has a sample from Tracy Chapman that hasn’t been cleared yet.

On July 31 Minaj tweeted about the song saying it “features 1of the greatest rappers of all time” but she was unaware Chapman was sampled on the track. So she asked her fans should she ditch the track and release Queen on August 10 or keep the track, get the sample cleared and release the album a week later. She’s decided to push her album back.

The only potential issue is that her friend and long-time collaborator, Ariana Grande‘s fourth studio album, Sweetener, is also dropping on the 17. Now the friends are going to have to fight for the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Fans and music lovers have been freaking out over the idea that Grande and Minaj are going to be wrestling it out for the top spot.

Will this cause a row between the longtime friends? Will there be bad blood?

Apparently not and thank goodness, because I never want Grande and Minaj collabs to end.

Grande squashed this non-drama with a few simple tweets.

If anything Grande wants us to be ready to be SERVED with three hot new albums.

To make it clear, it’s not just Grande who is totally fine with the double release date.

So there you have it. The two are totally fine and in fact, are supporting each other! Who knew! Women supporting women! A concept!

Grande’s first two albums, Yours Truly and My Everything debuted at number one while her third album, Dangerous Woman debuted at number two. The same happened to Minaj. Her first two albums, Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, hit number one. But her third album, The Pinkprint, only reached number two.

It’s anyone’s number one spot and I bet that whoever wins it, the other will be congratulating them.

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