McDonald’s Famous Monopoly Game Revealed To Be Rigged & Social Media Goes Off

McDonald’s customers and gamers all over the world are giving the famous fast-food chain some MAJOR side-eye after it was revealed that their infamous and classic cult Monopoly game was rigged for the past 12 years!

After more than 10 years of sneaky gameplay, The Daily Beast just released a report pinning a man by the name of Jerome Jacobson, otherwise known as Uncle Jerry, as the culprit and serial cheater who has been rigging the game for over a decade.

Jacobson was accused and convicted of defrauding the restaurant out of more than $24 million over the span of 12 years!

McDonald’s first introduced their version of the classic board game in 1987 which involved customers collecting game pieces attached to the company’s beverages, french fry packets, and sandwich wrappers. The more pieces collected, the bigger the chances of winning some pretty dope prizes like luxurious vacations, cars and even $1 million. For years, everything was fine and dandy until the ex-cop Uncle Jerry decided to take matters into his own hands and rig the game.

So basically here’s how it all went down–Uncle Jerry began stealing game pieces back when he was employed by Simon Marketing, the company responsible for printing the winning pieces. Jacobson’s job (ironically) involved supervising the printing of the pieces that were being transported from production to packaging to ensure that workers weren’t stealing and to make sure that there was no funny business involved.

“It was my responsibility to keep the integrity of the game and get those winners to the public,” he said of his job position. But he didn’t do that at all instead, he invented a secret vest which he used to transport the winning pieces to McDonald’s packaging factories across the country.

From there Jacobson began giving out the winning pieces, the first one being gifted to his stepbrother worth $25,000. In 1995, when a computer randomly chose a factory in Canada to receive the game pieces, executives at the marketing company ran the program again until it chose an area in the U.S. to receive the pieces. As a result, Uncle Jerry, who thought the game was rigged began handing out winning pieces to family and friends in exchange for a cut of the prizes.

Pretty soon, Jacobson had established a web of “mobsters, psychics, strip club owners, convicts, drug traffickers, and even a family of Mormons” who took home the prizes for the past 12 years.

Jacobson’s dirty doings caught up to him in 2001 through an FBI sting op that put him behind bars for three years. Jacobson was also ordered to pay back half of the money he basically stole and was ordered to pay $12.5 million in restitution.

The fascinating story quickly caught many Twitter users’ eyes on social media, and while many were intrigued by the story, tons of Twitter users felt betrayed and outraged.

Others felt like a piece of their childhood was taken after learning the truth.

Despite the shock and betrayal, some Twitter users were able to see past the deceit and treason and instead began looking at the story for its potential.

How do you feel now knowing that the game was rigged?

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