Things Every Small Town Girl Going To School In A Big City Can Relate To

With the fall semester quickly approaching, it’s time to finally pack your bags and head off to the big city for your first year of college. If you’re a small town girl, the transition from your tiny, little hometown to the fast-paced city life can be a tad overwhelming as much as it is exciting. Of course, the number of people and skyscraper buildings are the first things you’ll notice, but then there are things like the city noises and neon lights, a bunch of delicious food options, and navigating the busy streets on your way to class.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during your welcome week adventures because soon enough, your big city school life will start to feel like your new home. After some time, you might even be stopped by tourists asking for directions, and once you’re able to give them answers, you’ll feel like you’re finally getting the hang of it. These cliché adjustments are about to fully become your reality so get ready for them!

Your Weekend Plans Will Never Be The Same

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Weekends at home were usually the same. You either went to the movies, your favorite restaurants, hung out at home, or went to the mall. Back home your options never really changed, but now it’s time to switch things up a bit. The city offers so many different events and activities, that your weekends will hardly ever be the same. One weekend, you could be going to a street fair downtown, and the next will be spent going to an outdoor movie in the park. The fun never stops.

You’ll Find Little Places That Remind You Of Home

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Getting homesick happens. The city can be very different from your hometown, but there are a few hidden gems that will feel just like your small town. For most small-town girls, going to the park or even taking a relaxing stroll down a quiet street (good luck finding one) can even do the trick. You’ll also find those places around your city that’ll give you a little glimpse into your small town, and they’ll make you feel better on a hectic day of classes.

You’ll Start Being More Money-Savvy

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Back home, you could get a breakfast bagel with all the fixings and coffee for under five dollars. In the big city, that’s how much just your latte costs at the Starbs’ down the block. You’ll soon realize that you need to get thrifty with your spending and come up with a smart budget plan. Let’s just say, you’re about to really miss moms homemade dinners when your only affordable options become ramen or cereal.

You’ll Learn To Sleep With All The Noise In The City

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You used to fall asleep to the calming sounds of crickets and the wind in the trees. Now, the city will rock you to sleep with the sounds of taxi cabs, your neighbors chatting on their balconies, and construction. You’ll most likely need to invest in a few earplugs your first few weeks, but after a while, you’ll be so used to the noises of the bustling city streets.

You’ll Always Make New Friends

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Growing up, your neighbors became your best friend all the way through graduation. Living in a place where everyone knows everyone, your friend group probably always stayed the same. It may have been a small crew, but you love them so much. Now, you’ll be introduced to a ton of new people just within one week of college. It’s a bit overwhelming trying to remember everyone’s name, but eventually, you’ll have an entire squad of friends.

As you prepare for this new chapter in your life, it’s always best to remind yourself that home isn’t going anywhere. Just because you’re in a new place doesn’t mean you can’t go back home every once in a while.

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