This Company Is Making Perfumes That Smell Like Cities Around The World

If you love exploring different cities but don’t want to commit to actually traveling, then you’re in luck! Le Labo just announced their new line of perfumes which smell like specific cities around the world.

The company has collected all of the best scents in different cities and is selling them in-store in the cities that inspired them. You can also buy any of the scents regardless of where you live on Le Labo’s website.

Right now, they’re selling sample-sizes of the perfumes on their website, but starting September 1 through September 30, you can buy full-sized bottles of any of the scents online.

Here are all 11 perfumes they’re selling.

Aldehyde 44 – Dallas

Although aldehyde is a common scent in perfumes, it’s primarily French aldehyde. What makes this perfume different is that the scent is Texan aldehyde.

The aldehyde provides a musky smell that’s balanced by floral essences like jasmine, tuberose, and narcissus.

Benjoin 19 – Russia

Benjoin 19 is inspired by the works of Leo Tolstoy, specifically Anna Karenina. According to the Le Labo website, Benjoin 19 is “a universal tribute to passionate spirits, to those determined to live their lives on their own terms.”

The scent is a combination of olibanum, amber, cedar, and musks, guaranteed to spark your inner rebel.

Gaiac 10 – Tokyo

Gaiac 10 is named after Gaiac, a hard, green wood that the Le Labo website describes as “subtle, profound, and stable.”

The scent is both earthy and fresh and will provide some respite from the smoggy Japanese metropolis.


Limette 37 – San Francisco

Limette 37 is an “olfactive roller coaster.” This San Francisco-inspired scent combines fresh bergamot with warm jasmine, petitgrain and clove, and luscious vetiver, tonka beans, and musks.

Baie Rose 26 – Chicago

This Chicago-inspired perfume combines the sweet smell of rose with spicy pink pepper. The scent is influenced by the layered sounds of Chicago jazz.

Cuir 28 – Dubai

Cuir 28 combines the dark and powerful scents of leather, wood, and animal notes with vanilla absolute for a supremely unique and balanced fragrance.


Musc 25 – Los Angeles

Musc 25 takes its inspiration from the “angel” in Los Angeles, mixing sweet scents with the devilish vetiver and ambergris.

Mousse de Chene 30 – Amsterdam

Mousse de Chene combines moss and patchouli with cinnamon, pimento bay, and pink pepper to replicate the balance of tradition and progressiveness in Amsterdam.

Poivre 23 – London

Poivre 23, or pepper 23, is a clear indication of what the perfume smells like.

Tubereuse 40 – New York

New York’s scent screams Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The floral notes are balanced by the citrus scent of orange blossom, tangerine, and rosemary.


Vanille 44 – Paris

Vanille 44 combines vanilla, wood, and amber for a classic scent that won’t disappoint.

Check out Le Labo’s scents at their respective cities or buy any of the perfumes on their website!

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