Top 7 Best Things To Do On National Friendship Day

Today, August 5th marks National Friendship Day and what better way to celebrate than with your friends. Today is the day you get to celebrate all your friendships from your ride or die BFFs to those friends you may have not spoken to in a while. Let today be the day you let every one of your friends know how much they mean to you.

Take today to also gather up some of your closest friends and spend the whole day celebrating together. It’s the day that you all get to be all mushy and tell each other how much you value their friendship. Friends are there through good times all the way to the worst times, but that’s what makes you such good friends.

No matter what kind of people you are, today you get to spend it with those who are just like you. From binge-watching Netflix to going on a hike and everything in between, here are seven of the best ideas for you and your friends to do on National Friendship Day.

Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Series


If you and your friends want to have a lazy day with the girls what better way to spend it than having a full day of binge-watching your favorite TV shows. You could throw it back to some oldies like Full House or Gossip Girl and relive your past.

Or catch up on some of your current favs like Orange Is The New Black or whatever shows you all are into. Take this day to sit on the couch, eat your favorite snacks and be surrounded by your closest friends.

Recreate Old Photos


No matter how long you have been friends, you all are bound to have some funny pictures together. Whether they’re from your childhood or from a long night out, find your favorites and try to recreate them.

You’ll have a blast reliving these memories and have even more pictures together that will last a lifetime.

Have A Cook Out


August in the last month of summer, so spend as much time outside as you can. Invite all your friends over and have a cookout. These are the best times for you all to get together and spend some quality time with one another while eating your favorite summer treats.

To make it even more fun, try making your cookout themed. It could be something as basic as American themed or throw it back to your childhood like Lisa Frank themed or High School Musical themed and make it a night to remember.

Take A Road Trip


Nothing is more fun than hopping in the car with your besties and going on a road trip. You could travel to some of your favorite childhood spots or pick a random spot on the map and go on an adventure.

Road trips are full of singing in the car, stocking up on snack and spending quality time with the girls. Take tons of pictures and who knows maybe this trip will turn into an annual National Friendship Day road trip for years to come.

Go Out For Drinks


If you all are busy living your day to day lives and don’t have all day to celebrate, don’t worry we got you covered. Set aside at least a few hours in the evening and go have a couple drinks with your friends.

You could go to your favorite bars or pick a new spot to try, either way, enjoy a few martinis or vodka cranberries with the girls and let loose. Who knows where the night will take you, but one thing’s for sure you will have your friends by your side all night long.

Have A Spa Day


Sometimes you all need a little bit of R&R with the girls. If you all are busy bees and never seem to find time to take care of yourselves, having a spa day on National Friendship Day will be just what you needed.

Go to your local Ulta or Sephora and pick up some face masks and bath bombs and get your spa on. It will also be an excellent time for you all to get in your feelings and tell each other how much you care about them and truly get into the best friend spirit.

Wine & Canvas


If you’ve never heard of wine and canvas, girl where have you been? Wine and canvas is a time for you and your friends to paint the same art on a canvas and drink your favorite wine at the same time. You can either go to a class or just buy what you need and do it at home.

This get together will not only be fun and something different, but who knows how your painting will turn out after a few glasses of wine, but hey, isn’t that the fun part about wine and canvas?

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