Beyonce’s September ‘Vogue’ Cover Goes Viral Within Seconds & Social Media Loses It

In true Beyonce fashion, with no heads up, warning or announcement, the 36-year-old billionaire took it upon herself to shock fans and break the internet yet again when she posted her September 2018 Vogue cover on Instagram Monday morning.

Being as how Beyonce is no stranger to going viral and breaking the internet, her Vogue cover quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and social media, when the superstar casually posted the photos. It’s also a big deal because it’s the first time ever in Vogue’s 126 years that a black photographer shot a cover. Tyler Mitchell, 23, captured Beyonce for the fashion magazine.

Along with sharing photos from the cover, Beyonce gave her first interview IN YEARS with the iconic fashion magazine. After what seemed like an eternity, Bey finally opened up to fans about her career, what drives her every day and her FUPA.

The Beyhive was totally here for Beyonce’s Vogue Issue and praised the mother of three for her contributions to the magazine.

In a Vogue first, Beyonce was given total creative and directorial control over the magazine’s entire and most popular issue of the calendar year. The September issue has become one of the most sought-after magazine’s of the year and as “Head Boss in Charge”, Beyonce wasted no time taking over.

During her interview, Beyonce touched on artistic expression and representation and variety of all ethnicities and races in the media.

The at-times-private singer even kept it 100% real and opened up about her body after having a C-section and giving birth to her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter and the importance of accepting and loving our bodies and selves as we are.

For the past few years, Beyonce and her hip-hop mogul husband Jay-Z have become fully known for dropping surprises on fans randomly and sporadically without so much as a word. In 2013, Beyonce dropped herself title album, Beyonce at midnight sending fans into a tailspin. Beyonce followed up, three years later, dropping her Lemonade album (again without warning or promo), after she surprised fans with a two hour special of the visual album on HBO. Since then Beyonce’s “surprise” announcements have expanded to tour announcements, album releases and baby announcements, to the unexpected astonishment of fans everywhere.

Beyonce’s Vogue cover and interview are just one of the many surprises Queen Bey has gifted loyal Beyhivers and fans around the world. Despite being busy on a world tour with her husband, the mother of three found the time to take a break from her busy schedule for what’s being called a ground-breaking and history-making moment in entertainment, fashion and media.

What do you think of the September 2018 issue of Vogue?


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