How To Survive The Summer-To-School Relationship Transition

Everyone loves the idea of having a summer fling, but no one likes to think about what happens to that fling when the summer is over. Transitioning back to school can feel unnatural. This new set-up is definitely going to take some adjusting, especially if this was your first summer as a couple. But don’t worry there are tons of ways to make it work and last longer than the summer.

Whether you’re going to the same school, different schools, or even if one of you just graduated your relationship can go along with you to the next chapter of your life. If you’re looking for ways on how to handle your situation we’ve got you covered.

Going To The Same School

If you and your new partner have decided that you’re both going to the same college during the fall chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of each other. There are definitely ways to balance your new relationship, along with still making time for your classes and friends.

What To Expect

This is every couple’s ideal situation, not having to worry about long distance. But there are still circumstances that will cause some fears and nerves. I’m sure you’re both worried about being in a new place together and how this new place will affect the relationship. You’re also probably worried that because you’ll both be together you won’t be able to grow and experience opportunities without each other.

How To Handle It

There are plenty of simple ways for your relationship to survive the transition and allow both of you to grow together rather than apart. You’ll need to focus on school and getting into a daily routine. Do not ignore your other friends; it is important to focus on those connections as well. A key to making this relationship last is to not be around each other 24/7. Create boundaries for how much you hang out with one another.

Going To Different Schools

Now that the semester is about to start, you’re moving back to different schools maybe even across the country from each other, and there’s no doubt you’re going to miss each other like crazy! Long distance relationships can survive if you both put in an equal amount of effort.

What To Expect

Being in a long distance relationship means seeing each other once every few weeks or even months, communicating exclusively via text or Skype, and worrying about what the other might be doing. It can get messy, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to making this relationship work is communication. If you both have a strong foundation and truly trust each other than there’s no reason to call it quits.

How To Handle It

While you and your significant other are home, you want to make the most of each other. Talking about being apart is probably the last thing you want to do, but it is necessary. The key here is to have a conversation before returning to school about expectations and how you’ll both meet them. If you need your partner to send you cute texts more often, or he or she is worried about you cheating, as uncomfortable as it is, you have to bring it up. Letting fear fester will be your biggest downfall.

If One Of You Just Graduated

This might be even more difficult than going back to being long-distance since you have grown used to being together. With graduation comes new opportunities, job offers, volunteer trips, etc., and you two could end up on opposite sides of the country—or even the world. No matter what opportunities come you or your partners way, you never want to hold each other back.

What To Expect

One of the biggest issues you might face in this situation is not being on the same page as your partner and having to make lots of sacrifices and compromises. The key here is to always make choices that work best for you individually and they may not always work best for the relationship. You and your partner want to be happy, and be making choices that make you both happy creates a sense of appreciation for each other.

How To Handle It

There’s nothing new when we say that the key to any strong relationship is to be completely honest and open with each other. It is important to each maintain your own life, and plan to talk via Skype or Facetime once or twice a week to catch each other up on the exciting and sometimes mundane happenings in your lives. But discussing what works for you beforehand is definitely important so that nothing is left up in the air.

Whatever your situation, the summer-to-school transition can be messy. But if you communicate with your partner and remember to spend time with your friends and family as well, your relationship will come out all the stronger and healthier.

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