Here’s Everything We Know So Far About ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’

The newest season of American Horror Story, officially called, “Apocalypse” has a lot of people buzzing with excitement and theories on what theme would be shown this year. For a while, “Radioactive” seemed to be the frontrunning theory and Creator Ryan Murphy has said on Twitter that season nine would be a crossover of season one, “Murder House”, and season three, “Coven”. However, it seems that Murphy was only throwing a curveball at us when he tweeted on June 14th, “The Coven/Murder House AHS crossover season won’t be happening next year…because it’s happening THIS YEAR. AHS #8 WITCHES RULE THIS SEPTEMBER” confirming that season eight would be the crossover we’ve all been waiting for! Soon after that, the new season was confirmed to be named “Apocalypse” by showrunners!

Now, the real question is who is coming back, and what characters will they play in this upcoming season? We have compiled all of the information of each actor that will return, and the character(s) they’ll be playing in the newest season!

Seasoned American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson is returning, and is not only directing an episode of the show but also playing three different characters! Paulson will be returning to once again play psychic Billie Dean Howard from season one, and season five, as well as our favorite Supreme, Cordelia Fox from season 3, along with a brand new character, Venable, who Murphy has teased wears “dental appliances” throughout the season. Paulson has been able to play multiple parts before, such as when she played conjoined twins Dot and Bette in Freakshow, so we’re excited to see Paulson juggle all three characters this season!

Arguably the biggest reveal about season eight is that fan-favorite actress Jessica Lange will be back this season! Lange will also be directing an episode and will be reprising her role as Constance, the Harmon Family’s strange next door neighbor from season one. Fans have been theorizing that Constance herself might be a witch, but we’re not so sure if that’s the truth yet. We are all excited to see Lange reprise the role that made us fall in love with her acting this season, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be back again for season nine!

Evan Peters’s role is a tricky one. In a recent interview, Peters has said that he is done playing dark and twisted characters on the show, probably referencing Tate Langdon, who was a school shooter in season one, serial killer James March in season five, and violent cult leader Kai Anderson in season seven. But does that statement follow through for this season? We don’t know much about Peters’s character, but he was confirmed to be playing a hairdresser this season, and we know that Joan Collins will be guest starring as his character’s grandmother for one episode. Peters was also confirmed to be directing an episode this season as well! We’re excited to see how some of our favorite actors and actresses do with directing the episodes of the show they’ve played in for years!

Surprise B*tch! Emma Roberts is back, and is once again, playing an iconic mean girl role! Roberts returns as Madison Montgomery, the witch/movie star that everyone loved to hate in season three. We were teased of her return when Roberts posted a video to Instagram of her repeating Madison’s most iconic quote.

And then was confirmed later at a press release. Roberts was even told to “act bitchier” on set when playing Madison, so we’re sure she won’t be turning over a new leaf any time soon! We’re a bit confused on how Roberts’ character is supposed to return to the show, seeing that she was strangled at the end of season 3. We’re not too worried about it though, this is American Horror Story after all, and the impossible always happens in this show!

Critically Acclaimed actress Kathy Bates will also be returning this season, but not as the twisted Delphine LaLaurie, instead, Bates will be playing an entirely new character named “Miss Mead.” Bates refused to spill any more about her character, but Bates will be wearing a short black pixie cut for the role, and Paulson did say that her costumes would be very “noteworthy” this season. We cannot wait to see what she means by this!

It seems that the rest of the returning actors include Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, and Leslie Grossman, who all debuted in season seven. Very little is known about these characters, but we do know that they will be playing all new characters! Lourd will be playing a character named Mallory, Porter will be playing a woman named Dinah Stevens, and Grossman is playing an interestingly named character, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt!

We are so excited to hear if any other cast members are returning and if they will have any roles reprised, we are sure this season of American Horror Story will be one of the most chilling seasons they’ve had yet!

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