16 Back To School Instagram Captions That Are Perfect For You

Back to school time is approaching and when you’re in college, it’s definitely a mix of emotions because you’re so excited to go back but it’s sad to leave home. If you’re going to be a freshman, it’s nervewracking and if you’re a senior?! Definitely bittersweet!

There’s something special about being back on campus!  Of course, you’re back to school with a huge workload trying to juggle a social life, laundry and trying to decently take care of yourself but college is one of the best times! As you return back to school you’re moving into the dorms or your apartment, saying bye to parents, breezing through syllabus week and catching up with all your friends.  One of the best parts of going back to college is being back with your friends and creating some of the best memories!

When you go back to school, you have enough to worry about so when you go to post your BTS Instagram, we have the caption covered for you.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Here are 16 captions for your back to school Instagram posts!

“Home away from home!”

“Back and better!”

back to school captions


“God bless syllabus week.”


Because really, syllabus week is so good.

“I’m here for a good time not a long time.”


Insert school pride quote, here.

back to school captions


It always works.

“Education costs money but then so does ignorance.” – Claus Moser


“And so the adventure begins!”

Good for a freshman year caption!

“School daze.”


“Work hard, nap harder!”

Back to school captions


Never underestimate a good nap.

“Started from freshman year, how did we end up here?”

“3 down, one more to go!”

Change it to whatever year you are!

“The struggle bus is approaching.”

back to school captions


“Should I spend my money on books or bars?”

“Back to school, back on my bullshit.”

“Looking forward to all the classes I’m going to sleep through.”

Hey, everyone has done it before.

“Broke, young and having fun!”

Senior Year Bucket List

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