15 Best Ways To Break The Ice & Start A Conversation

Breaking the ice on a dating app is fairly simple because you’re not face to face and if you screw it up, there are generally no consequences. Icebreakers in person… that’s a whole new ballgame. Most people cringe at the thought of going up to someone and starting a conversation.  Whether you need to break the ice because you’re starting a new job, or you moved somewhere new and you want to make new friends, you’re trying to flirt or you’re just friendly… We got you!

Typically the best icebreaker to start a conversation is a question because it calls people to respond back!

Here are 10 ways to break the ice without being totally awkward or weird. They’re actually all pretty helpful so save them for next time you want to start a conversation!

Compliment them.


“I’ve been looking for a dress just like that, where did you get it?” A compliment is a great way to break the ice because you make people feel good and they’re highly unlikely to reject that.  Just keep it sincere and attach a question to it to keep the conversation going. 

Ask about a movie.


If you want to make friends at work, start a friendly conversation. Something like, “I want to go see a movie this weekend, have you seen any good ones?”

At the liquor store.


Asking someone about their recommendations on a wine or beer is a great way to get someone talking!

Tell them their dog is cute.


Telling someone they have a cute dog makes them SO PROUD. Complimenting their dog is always a good way to go.


Compliment their shoes.


If you like shoes this is a plus, especially sneakers because people that like sneakers are passionate, i.e sneakerheads and could talk about that for days. It also highlights a good, common interest.

Ask them for a photo.


Pick someone friendly and ask them “do you mind taking our photo.” With the rise of Instagram, it’s not uncommon at all and it’ll give the leeway to start a conversation.

At a workout class.


“I love this instructor, have you had any other good ones?” This is actually a great one because you’ll get useful insight, it will spark conversation and you’ll have a buddy at your next workout class.


In line at a coffee shop.


“What do you usually get?”  Simple and effective.

Ask a question.


“Do you know of a good coffee or juice shop around here?” Keep it a simple question.  This is a good one to ask post workout class and bonus points for you if you score a new coffee buddy!

“Have we met before?”


Generally, save this for someone that you have actually met before. It’s a great way to break the ice and start talking, especially if you both aren’t sure if you know each other.

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