Megan Fox’s Twin Has Been Discovered & We’re Seeing Double

Megan Fox is a one of a kind beauty, so we thought. Recently Fox’s doppelganger was discovered and it has us seeing double.

Claudia Alende, 24, is giving Fox a run for her money. The Brazilian native is a beauty in her own right, but it’s impossible to not notice how similar she looks to Fox.

Even though Fox is the household name, Alende has more followers on Instagram. Fox has 5.8 million while Alende has 10.1 million. Her Instagram popularity was the result of her modeling career, TV stints and of course, looking like Fox.

Alende is Brazilian, she was born in Francisco Beltrão and moved to Sao Paulo when she was 20. She was told growing up that she should be a model but instead opted to not budge from her tomboy ways.

In 2014 Alende finally gave modeling a shot and participated in the Miss Bumbum competition. Miss Bumbum is an annual Brazilian pageant show to find the best booty in the country. The winner becomes an instant celebrity and wins roughly $22,000 in endorsement deals.

Alende didn’t win Miss Bumbum, she came in second and lost to Indianara Carvalho. But Alende went on to gain a ton of Instagram followers and rocket into fame.

By 2015 Alende had roughly 2.8 million followers on Instagram and now her followers have doubled more than three and a half times that.

In 2017 she was the judge for the Model Scout ID event with Marcus Pelle, the owner of DAS Models. She was tasked to choose one model out of the 100 who entered.

Now she runs her successful Instagram by doing ads and sponsored content and lingerie modeling. She is starting to dip her toes into the music world and dropped her first ever single, “I’m Good at Being Bad.”

The single and music video dropped in December 2017. The music video has over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Alende has been compared to Fox for years and we totally see why. She said that her resemblance to the Hollywood actress has helped grow her Instagram followers immensely over the years.

Do you think Alende and Fox are twins?

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