Mismatched Nails Are The Perfect Trend For Fall

If you ever find yourself struggling to make up your mind when going to the nail salon, you’re going to fall head over heels for the latest nail trend.

Mismatched nails are the latest in fall trends and with good reason. With plenty of flexibility about how to embrace the trend, everyone can find a mismatched nail design that suits them.

Here are the best ideas for mismatched nails!

Mismatched nails and pastel colors? This look proves you can master two trends in one.

On the flip side, earth tones are an awesome alternative to pastels.

Add a little bling to your mismatched nails with some crystals.

Embrace your love for brands while you’re painting your nails.

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Patterns, patterns, and more patterns.

These PVC nails are crazy cool.

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For a more minimal approach to the trend, try leaving some white space.

If you live life by the mantra the bolder the better, these nails are perfect for you.

Update your french manicure with mismatched tips.

Painting your whole nail is so last season.

This orange gradient is absolutely stunning.

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