Quit Your Job & Become A Professional Nutella Taste Tester In Italy

There are great jobs, dream jobs and then there are chocolate test tasting jobs. Italian firm La Ferrero – the genius company behind Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder chocolates – is looking for 60 people to taste-test their upcoming chocolatey concoctions.

The gig is for three months but could turn into a long-term job. According to the job description, which is originally in Italian, it says that the job is to train to become a “sensory judge” for Soremartec Italia Srl, La Ferrero’s research and development team.

The biggest thing about this job is that you don’t need any requirements to apply. This is the first time the company has opened the taste-testing position to the outside. According to Italian publication La Reppublica, La Ferrero typically only hired internally for this position before. But now they want fresh eyes, noses and taste buds to try their products.

Nutella Mindy Kaling

The candidates will spend three months training to become a pro when it comes to all things chocolate, hazelnuts and other chocolatey goodness. The training is paid and during the three months you’ll learn how to professionally taste and smell “cocoa, hazelnut grains and other semi-finished sweet products.”

You will also learn how to express what you’ve tasted and smelled in words so that the company can make improvements to their products.

The training is only part-time and will be for two days a week for two hours. You have to speak Italian and you have to be able to relocate to Alba, Italy. Alba is in the north-west region of the country in the Piedmont region. It’s located between Turin and Genoa.

You just have to learn Italian, move to Italy and taste-test Nutella and other chocolate things for the rest of your life? Sounds good to me.

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