He’s So Not Over You & Here’s How You Can Tell

Break-ups are the worst and they really never get easier. You’re bound to have a few break-ups in your life, and the best thing for you to do is come to terms with why you split and keep that in your head so that you don’t try to go back to him.

Men are going to act like they aren’t bothered by the break-up and like they’re doing just fine, news flash, they totally aren’t. Men go through break-ups just like girls do, they just don’t show their emotions the same.

However, sometimes they realize the best thing they had is gone, and that was you! If you start to wonder if he’s really over you or not odds are he might not be at all.

Check out these 7 signs that he’s totally not over you and see if you’re in the same situation.

You’ve Heard He Asks About You… A Lot


Depending on how long you two dated, it’s pretty certain you have mutual friends, and when you broke up, they probably heard all about it. But even after the break-up passed, he still seems to be bringing you up.

He could ask something as simple as, “How is she?” or “Is she dating anyone new?” Those very simple questions mean much more than he’s leading on. Clearly, you’re still on his mind, and he wants to know what you’ve been up to.

He’s Keeping Himself Very Available


He might be back out on the dating scene and flirting with every girl that walks his way, but if he’s not trying to scoop them up, apparently it’s for a reason.

If he’s hanging around a bunch of girls and not taking any of them home or trying to start something when them, he’s probably not over you. A majority of single men love to get attention from ladies, but if he couldn’t care less, clearly his attention is still on you.

He Seems To Be Trying To Make You Jealous


Even though he may want you back, he’s obviously not going to say he does. If he’s going out of his way to try and make you jealous, he’s surely not over you.

His tactic of trying to make you jealous is his way of saying he can go back out on the dating scene, but he doesn’t want any of those girls, but he wants you to think he does. Gosh, boys are so confusing!

He Hasn’t Blocked You On Social Media


One big sign that he’s doing all he can to get over you is when he blocks you on all social media sites, but if he hasn’t he might still be into you. Usually, he’ll block you so that he can’t see what you’re doing and it makes it easier to get over you.

If he didn’t block you, he still wants to see what you’re up to and who you’re hanging around. And if he is still liking all your posts and commenting on them, he totally wants to keep you in his life.

He Still Drunk Texts You


Remember the saying, “Drunk words are a sober man’s thoughts?” Well if he’s still drunk texting you, odds are he’s probably even thinking about you too.

It could be as small as “I miss you,” or could even be a booty call, either way, he’s looking for any excuse to talk to you. Drunk texts can sometimes make things complicated so watch out if he starts sending them your way.

He Tries To Show You How Much He’s Changed


The famous line, “I’ve changed,” gets you every time. If he’s doing the most to become a better person and wants to show you he’s doing so, he is not ready to give you up.

Clearly, he cares enough about you and the relationship you two had to work on himself and get you back. Where it is sweet for him to work on himself and be better for you, make sure it’s not a trap.

He Invites You To Things


When you two were dating it was a given that you would be at each other’s get-togethers, but when you broke up that should have stopped.

If he’s still inviting you to his parties or to other parties his friends are having, he’s not ready to let go. He clearly wants to spend time with you and even do it around all his friends.

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