How To Have A Perfect Self-Care Sunday

After a busy week of work, school, or whatever other commitments you have, it’s so important to take time for yourself to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. And what better way to practice self-care than to make a whole day of it? I’d like to introduce to you: self-care Sundays.

By assigning a day specifically for self-care, you give yourself the time and the opportunity to truly refresh before another hectic week.

Here are some tips for your best self-care Sunday ever.

1) Sleep, Sleep, And More Sleep

Woman sleeping


Although we all love to sleep, it’s very easy for us to overlook just how much of it our bodies need. After a busy week of getting inadequate sleep, we owe it to ourselves to sleep in.

That means if you had a late night on Saturday, don’t schedule that yoga class for 6 am. Even though exercising is incredibly important, there’s nothing better for your body than getting the amount of sleep you need.

Take it easy Sunday morning and let your natural body clock dictate when you wake up.

2) Write It Out

Love letter


Writing is therapeutic in several ways. It’s a wonderful way to vent and flush out all of your negative thoughts.

We tend to hold in all of our feelings which eventually takes a toll on our bodies so by writing all of our feelings out, we’re basically detoxing.

Writing can also be beneficial to express your gratitude. By taking the time to write down what you’re thankful for, you’ll realize what truly matters to you.

3) Eat A Delicious Meal

Girl eating


What better way to indulge yourself than to eat something tasty? Whether that be a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, take the time to either make yourself or order a meal that makes you happy.

Self-care Sunday can also be combined with Cheat Day if that’s what you enjoy. Have some scrumptious comfort food in the name of self-care!

4) Read A Good Book

Find a nice quiet place in your house, outside, or in your local coffee shop to crack open a good book. Self-care Sunday is the perfect day to find time for the pastimes you love.

5) Take A Bath

Wind down with a warm, comforting bath. Take time for yourself and relax in the tub.

6) Try A Face Mask

Refresh with a natural face mask. Make it yourself or buy it in store– you can’t go wrong either way!

7) Do What You Want

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Lastly and most importantly, do what you want to do! Whether that’s binge-watching a show, playing with your dog, or just lounging around, do what makes you happy! That’s what self-care Sunday is all about.

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