7 Signs You Need To Stay Single At The Moment

For some of us, being single can be our natural state of being. We can be single for months or years and be fine with the independence. But for others, being single can be a rare experience. Some of us may obsess over being in a new relationship and even imagining why people would want to be single. There’s no “right” way of being–single or not but if you’re never not single you can miss out.

When you’re single you can spend time with yourself and learn about yourself as a person. Taking a break from the dating scene can be great and you can experience how it is to be on your own. Here is a list from some relationship experts for signs you should look out for if you should stay single for a long time.

1. You Feel Pressured To Date


There’s a lot of pressure to cuff up whether it be from society, your friends or family. But the pressure isn’t a good reason to be dating someone. If you’re seeking a relationship, it should be because you want the relationship, all on your own without outside pressure. You’ll be discontented if you look for a relationship based around pressure.

2. You Are Scared Of Relationships


You might think that the solution to this just might be to go for a relationship, but that isn’t the best solution. You might repeat unhealthy patterns with people, such as finding small flaws with them so you can break up. This isn’t healthy, and you should work on yourself and your fears first before seeking out a relationship. You’ll save your time and the other person’s time.

3. You’re Scared Of Being Alone


This isn’t a healthy reason to be in a relationship if you’re afraid of abandonment and being alone. You may rationalize abusive behaviors and throw away your self-esteem in the process. Come to the root of this issue before going headfirst into a relationship.

4. You’re Rebounding


If you want a distraction from a recent breakup, don’t look for it in a relationship. This is actually the most important time for you to be single. You may have no intention of staying in this relationship and misleading someone so isn’t going to end well.

5. You Have Baggage


For example, if someone cheated on you in your last relationship maybe you can’t stop thinking about if someone else will cheat on you. Everyone will have baggage, but if it’s dominating your mind you should step back.

6. You Constantly Are With The Wrong People


If you constantly find yourself picking the wrong people while dating, maybe it’s time to take a break. This is especially so if you continuously find yourself not respecting the other person and you are dating people with the same toxic behaviors. Take some stock to look into yourself and figure out just why you are dating this type.

7. You’re Sensitive To Rejection


If you’re not feeling too great about yourself if can be easy to take every rejection extremely personally. The stakes can feel so high and you can feel like you are under so much pressure. If you feel this way, take a break until you can gain some perspective on dating.

So don’t be afraid to take a break from dating–there’s no shame in that. Personal issues should take priority before diving into a relationship. You’ll feel so much more ready after your break.

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