15 Most Useful Apps That Every College Student Needs

If you’ll be starting college in the fall or if you’re returning you the last part of your college journey, you can always make room to improve. Here’s a collection of the best study apps and every app that college student needs to make their life easier.

Bonus: they’re pretty much all free with upgrade options!



If you’re going to grad school, you want BenchPrep! It features an interactive course library with flash cards and study questions if you’re prepping for the MCAT, LSAT or CPA. It also has over 600 other study lessons! It’s free with in-app purchases.

Dunkin Donuts


Whether you frequent at Starbucks or Dunks, you want to get their app because you can put money on the app and get free drinks once you spend a certain amount of money! If you get coffee every day, the free ones add up!


Sleep if You can Alarm


If the alarms on your phone don’t work, you NEED this app.  It’s not dubbed the most annoying app without due reason.  Set an alarm for your morning classes and the only way you can shut it off is by shaking your phone or getting out of bed and taking a picture of what it says too on the screen. EX: It could say go take a picture of the sink ensuring that you get out of bed and start getting ready! This app means business and it’s for serious sleepers.

iStudiez Pro


iStudiez keeps track of all your deadlines and grades on your Mac devices. All you need to do is put your class schedule on iCal and it’ll do all the work for you.




Evernote syncs all your online notes, photos and assignments to an online folder so you never lose anything!

Real Calc Scientific Calculator


College tuition and books are already way up there.  You can save money on a scientific calculator by using this app! It’s free or you pay just $3.49 for the pro version.



Distracted by your phone during class?  Or get in trouble because it goes off? Download Studious, plug in your class times and it’ll silence your phone during class.




Everyone talks about the Freshman 15 so if you want to avoid that, download the Sworkit app. It delivers customized workouts to your phone in 5-minute increments. A 5-minute workout is better than nothing!



It’s easy to spend a ton of money without thinking it about it when you’re on your own in college. Download Mint to track all your spending!

Safe Trek


If you’re walking back to your dorm late at night and feel unsafe, whether you’re on campus or the city, get this app. You just hold down the button while you’re walking and if you let go, it sends your location to police to alert them that you need help.


School App


Whatever app your school uses to show grades, classes and your student account is one that you’ll want to download. Some schools use Canvas, maybe Ellucian, whatever it is, you’ll want it!

Self Control


Trying to type an essay but keep going back to Twitter? Meet Self Control, your best and worst enemy. It allows you to add websites to a blacklist and it’ll block you from those websites for whatever time you set it for so that you can finish your paper in peace.



A good app for flashcards. Chances are you’ve used it before and you can use it again in college!


Easy Bib


We’ve all used it online before but if you’re using books, you can scan the barcodes on the back for seamless and bibliography making.



Keep up with your professional, career building portfolio on your phone. If you don’t have a Linkedin before college, you’ll definitely leave with one!

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