Urban Decay Is Embracing “Real” Skin On Instagram




In the age of FaceTune and Photoshop, it’s hard to remember that everyone has blemishes. Regardless of what flaws you have, no one has perfect skin.

While many people turn to apps to hide these blemishes, companies like ASOS and Aerie want to remind you that imperfection is normal. There’s nothing wrong with having acne, cellulite, or freckles.

Another company that’s hopped on the self-love bandwagon is Urban Decay. The brand has always embraced posting pictures of their fans and makeup artists, but lately, they’ve taken that step to the next level by highlighting their customers who don’t photoshop their skin.

Urban Decay’s Instagram now features several women with “real” skin. Here are the inspiring pictures.


Urban Decay showcased makeup artist Meg, a.k.a. @glowawaymeg and her beautiful eye makeup. Meg doesn’t airbrush her skin and chooses to post her pictures with her imperfect skin on display.

Meg is proof that not having fake smooth skin doesn’t make you any less gorgeous nor does it detract from your makeup look.


Deya Olson, or @lady0lson, may not have perfectly trimmed eyebrows, but she’s still stunning.


Linda Hallberg, or @lindahallberg, doesn’t have perfectly clear skin but her freckles only enhance her makeup look.

One fan commented under the picture, saying, “Urban, I feel like you’ve really been listening to your commenters and started showing us REAL artists again, not over filtered, Photoshopped nonsense. Super inspiring to showcase real talent! Love the diversity and humanity.”


Jordi, or @itslikelymakeup, also proves that there’s nothing wrong with freckles.


Kitty Sweetensen, or @sweetenzias, isn’t afraid to show her pores.

Urban Decay’s decision to feature people with real, imperfect skin on their Instagram is inspiring, beautiful, and necessary.

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