Top 10 Affordable Dates For The Music Loving College Student

It can be difficult to think of creative date ideas if you’re broke college students who don’t want to spend a ton of money. We’ve all been there. There are fun things to do that won’t empty your wallet, though, especially if you and your date are both music lovers!

Here are our top 10 date ideas for couples who love music.

10. Make a playlist together and then listen to it together.

This sounds so simple, but it can be so much fun. If you and your significant other enjoy the same music genre, compile all of your favorite songs into one long playlist that the two of you can jam out to when you’re together. Bring portable speakers and play it during your next picnic in the park, plug your phone into the aux chord in your car and listen to it on your next road trip together, or just have it playing as background ambiance when you’re at home together. If you have generally similar tastes in music, you’ll likely discover that a bunch of your favorite songs are also their favorite songs!

9. See a musical.


If you and your date enjoy music and the theatre, this date kills two birds with one stone. You don’t have to shell out a fortune to see the professionals in order to have a good time; check out information about your school’s theatre department, neighboring universities’ theatre departments, and community theatres in the area to see if any musicals are coming out soon. Chances are that if you can find a musical performed by college students or adults who are just acting for fun, the show will be free or inexpensive. Maybe it’ll be awesome and you’ll walk away inspired, or maybe the acting will be terrible and you guys will laugh about it later. Musical theatre makes for a memorable date either way.

8. Have a music-themed movie night.

new girl tv all day

If you like the idea of watching something musical together but don’t actually want to leave the house, this is a super cute date night. Your music-themed movie night can include film versions of your favorite Broadway musicals, documentaries about your favorite musicians, movies with storylines about fictitious musicians, or anything else that seems fitting. Cuddle up and watch your favorite films! (Or “watch” your favorite films. Your call.)

7. Go to a record store together.

Vinyl Records


Though everything is digital now, records have become trendy again and if you do your research, you’ll probably be able to find a record store if you live in or near a major city. Bring your date to a record store and browse the aisles. Discover new albums together, or spot the ones you already love. If you have a record player of your own or just want something cool to put on your wall, you can leave with a souvenir.

6. Go to a festival together.


Some festivals are super expensive, but there are ways to get around that. Some of those larger festivals need volunteers to help run everything, so even though it would mean working during the concert, volunteering together might be a way to get in for free and save money. Smaller, more local festivals can be less expensive or even free.

5. Visit a music-based museum or musical landmark in your area.

If your significant other appreciates history as much as they appreciate music, going to a museum or historical landmark related to music can be a really fun date. Some attractions are centered around certain genres of music–such as the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and the National Jazz Museum in Harlem–while others are dedicated to specific musicians.

4. See a local band together.

Concerts don’t have to be high-commitment or expensive. Many towns and cities have free concerts in their parks on nice days. Go to a bar known for its live music and enjoy a drink (or five) together as you listen to your local groups perform. If you live in Manhattan, go to Grand Central and just stand in the area where people wait for the shuttle to Times Square. There’s always someone performing and all it will cost you is subway fare.

3. Have a karaoke night!

karaoke double date ideas group date


Hit up a karaoke bar with your significant other and sing your hearts out. Nobody cares whether you’re any good–they’re all drunk. Better yet, make it a group affair and get a bunch of couples together for karaoke night. You can get a small machine and host it at your place, or if there’s a special event to celebrate and you have a big enough group to make the bill affordable, you can rent out a room at a karaoke place and go crazy.

2. Jam out together.

guitar instrument


If either of you has any musical talent, make a date of getting your instruments together and just playing together! Have your own private duet. Harmonize to your hearts’ content. Bonus points if you play the same instrument because then you can teach each other new songs and tips.

Even if you are not musically talented, it’s still fun to put in your favorite songs (from that playlist you made earlier, remember) and spend a few hours singing along. It never gets old when it’s music you love.

1. Take a music class together.

Maybe you’re both looking to pick up a new instrument. Do it together! You can help each other out along the way and make so many memories together. If you’re really into commitment and go to the same school, take a class at your university. If you don’t want to get that serious, look for local classes in your area. There are also classes about how to DJ if that’s something the two of you would be interested in, so keep your options open.

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