Look For These Signs If You’re Afraid Your Partner Might Be Gaslighting You

What exactly is gaslighting you might ask? Gaslighting is merely another form of emotional abuse in a relationship. The other person is slowly trying to eat away at your own abilities to make personal judgments.

The other person tries to always deflect your opinions, feelings, and emotions no matter what situation you’re in. And slowly over time, you start to doubt everything.

A majority of the time those who are the “gaslighters” in a relationship tend to be quite narcissistic people in their day to day lives. It’s something that they know what to do, and that’s how to make others feel small.

If you want to see if your relationship might be headed towards you becoming a victim of gaslighting, check out these five signs and see if you need to reevaluate your relationship status.

If They Are Always Discrediting You


If you find yourself in situations with your partner that seem like no matter what you say they always see something wrong about it, you might want to look deeper.

Sometimes people are wrong in situations, but if they are constantly telling you what you say is invalid or doesn’t apply it’s time to draw the line. Know when you’re right and stand up for yourself before they take control.

If They Try To Twist A Situation To Benefit Them


Sometimes when people are wrong and they know it but don’t want to admit it they can try to turn the story and make it your fault.

If this seems to be happening in your relationship, even when you know you’re entirely right, they might be gaslighting you. It’s their way to get into your head and try to make you second guess yourself, even when you know what happened.

If They Deny Your Feelings & Emotions


Your feelings are your feelings for a reason. They don’t just come out of nowhere and even if you might sometimes be overreacting, your partner needs to understand where you’re coming from.

No matter how you try to explain how you’re feeling and what is going through your head, they discredit or deny your feelings. Sound familiar?

Don’t let someone tell you how to feel, stand up and assert your presence because if not, they will do everything they can to become the top dog in the relationship.

If They Always Try To Change The Subject


Sometimes in a heated argument one person will try to divert your attention and change the subject, it could be because they know they’re wrong or just because they don’t want to address what happened.

When this becomes the norm, really evaluate your relationship. Being in a relationship is all about open and honest communication, and if you don’t have that it can be tough

to move forward with each other.

If They Start Making You Distrust Your Own Thoughts


If you are finding yourself saying yes to all the above scenarios you may also feel like you doubt yourself and your feelings now more than ever in this relationship.

People who are gaslighting their other half in a relationship want to make the other person feel small. Your partner wants you to always think you’re wrong and they’re always right.

Take a step back, and truly think about the status of your relationship. Do you feel like you’re weak and have no backbone? If so, maybe it’s time to let that one go.

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