National Thrift Shop Day 2018: How To Shop Like A Pro

Today is National Thrift Shop Day. Thrift shopping is a great way to add a unique flair to your wardrobe. There are so many ways to style or give a DIY update to pieces you may thrift.


But the idea of thrift shopping can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Just walking into a thrift shop can be a lot whether you go to a thrift shop with a curated collection or one that has many options.

Read on for a guide on how to thrift shop like a pro and add some pieces to your collection that you’ll love forever. And most importantly, at a reasonable price.

Know That Everything Is Discounted

At most thrift shops, you’ll find items at extremely discounted prices. Some thrift stores collect their items, resell them from consumers or sell donations either for-profit or non-profit.

It’s Not Trash

All thrift shops have criteria for what ends up on their racks, so it is not trash. Just because someone else didn’t want the piece anymore does not mean it’s garbage. They just didn’t need it in their life anymore like you might!

The Actual Thrift Shop

Now that we’ve got generalizations about thrift shopping out of the way, let’s talk about the actual store locations. Well known thrift shop chains are Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and Salvation Army and there are many locations throughout the United States.

Check out this website for some more thrift shop locations.

Curated Collections

There are thrift shops out there that don’t just sell anything but the best of the best. But be warned, these thrift shops can sometimes be more pricey than other retailers. You are paying more to have an easier experience thrift shopping, not having to dig through the racks to find the treasures when all the treasures are already there. Additionally, some curated shops may have vintage pieces at higher prices.

Check out this list for some of America’s best-curated collection shops.

Don’t Always Expect Success

You can never know what to expect while thrift shopping. You can either find many pieces that you want to buy or not even any that you want to try-on. It’s a game of luck basically. But don’t be discouraged from trying again if you are unsuccessful.

Go In With Ideas

Before you go thrifting, either think of pieces you want to add to your collection or make a list. Otherwise, you may find yourself aimlessly shuffling through the racks.

For example, are you looking for a pair of jeans? From there, think of the specific cut and color you may want and search.

Looking for vintage t-shirts? Perfect, t-shirts in thrift shops can be so unpredictable. Think about what you may want: an oversized tee, fitted tee or a perfect tee to tuck into your jeans.

Just by having a fundamental idea of what you want, it will make shopping all the easier since thrift shops have such variety in their collections.

And also, don’t pay attention to the gender of the clothing while browsing. Additionally, don’t pay attention to the printed size as sizes constantly change over time.

Try The Clothes On

If you’re thrifting at a less expensive shop, it may seem easier to just grab pieces you like and buy them without trying them on. Don’t do this. Make sure to leave the store having tried on everything you’re buying so that you’re sure that you love it.

You’ll save your time from having to return the piece or just re-donating it when someone else could’ve enjoyed it from the shop that you bought it at. Make sure you love and will wear everything.

Don’t Go To Thrift Shops To Resell (For More) Online

Please do not go to thrift shops just to buy inexpensive pieces from name brands to only sell them for high/higher prices online. This isn’t cool and there’s someone who could’ve been thrifting at your shop who would’ve actually enjoyed that pieces and may have not been able to afford it otherwise.

So either wear the fashion, gift the fashion or don’t bother. It’s just not fair.

Happy thrifting!

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