Nicki Minaj Blames Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster For Not Having A #1 Album

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to air her grievances about her latest album Queen losing the number one spot to Travis Scott’s Astroworld. But she didn’t just bring Scott into the drama, she also mentioned Kylie Jenner and their baby Stormi. It’s messy and strange.

On Sunday, August 19, the numbers for the last week’s Top 200 Billboard Chart came out and Scott secured the number one spot again and Minaj was seated at number two.

After the numbers dropped Minaj wasn’t happy. She shared a screenshot of one of Jenner’s Instagram posts promoting Astroworld and the upcoming tour that has yet to be announced. Minaj tweeted that Scott sold 50,000 “season passes” for his non-existent tour off of Jenner’s post.

“He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week,” she tweeted.

Minaj went on to tweet about her album sales and how she “lost out on” 12 hours of sales and that she held back in her last Best Radio 1 show, Queen Radio. But on August 21 during her next show, she’ll explain it all.

Minaj wasn’t done though. She continued tweeting about Scott and Jenner and album sales. She tweeted that Scott has been selling clothes and has been doing so even before his album came out. She said that Billboard is looking to change this rule. She’s insinuating that all the sales made from Scott’s website get included into the album sales number for the Billboard Top 200 Chart even if the album wasn’t sold. So all of Scott’s clothing sales and the “season passes” Jenner promoted all go to his album sales number.

According to Billboard, their album numbers are a combination of album data and streaming numbers. They describe the Top 200 Chart ranking as:

“The week’s most popular albums across all genres, ranked by album sales, audio on-demand streaming activity and digital sales of tracks from albums as compiled by Nielsen Music.”

Nielsen Music says they measure their music sales through “buying both in-store and digitally.” They state that they only measure the sales of “what albums, singles and music videos people are buying.”

Minaj continued her tweeting storm to drag Stormi into the whole mess too. She posted that Scott’s album is only doing numbers still is because Jenner is promoting it saying she and Stormi are going on tour with him.

She went on to tweet that she is being sarcastic and is having a great time celebrating her number one in 86 countries.

So who do you have, Stormi or Minaj?

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