Students Walk Out Of Comedian’s Show For Allegedly Sexually Harassing A Student

According to BuzzFeed, several students walked out of comedian Andy Gross’s set while he was performing at Purdue University on Saturday night. Gross performed at the Elliot Hall of Music to perform during the Boiler Gold Rush closing ceremony. During his set he allegedly sexually harassed a student who was in the audience.

According to the university’s paper, The Purdue Exponent, Gross asked a female student to come on stage during his show. This is when he harassed her.

Matthew Bryn, a freshman at Purdue who was there told The Exponent what happened during the performance.

“He brought her up and kept making her step closer to him,” Bryn said. “Then when she was inches away from him he joked about getting an erection saying ‘let me out let me out!’ Referring to his genitals.”

Gross then made the woman go back-to-back with him and put her hand on his leg to see what card she had, as part of one of his bits.

“He then purposely failed the card trick and said ‘Well, at least I got a free feel up out of it,'” Jeff Terpstra, a sophomore, told The Exponent via message. “He acted like he killed a bird but it was fake. Another girl in the crowd was upset about this and he then said ‘Wow, you look upset. Are you with (PETA)? Okay, okay, I’ll produce a bird just for PETA girl. And then he flipped her off.”

Not only did hundreds of students walk out of his set, but they have taken to Twitter to share the experience and get Jimmy Fallon to cancel Gross’ upcoming appearance on his show. They’re using the hashtag #AndyGrossIsGross with their tweets.

Terpstra said that the Dean of Students went on stage afterward and denounced Gross’ performance saying it “does not reflect any of the viewpoints of BGR or Purdue University.”

Since the university has released a formal statement and will not be having Gross come back ever again. The university shared their statement with the Indy Star, it reads:

“On Saturday night, a comedian performed as part of our BGR student orientation closing sessions. Accounts differ as to what exactly happened on stage, but some portions of the performance were clearly inappropriate and contrary to the university’s values of respect and support for all.”

“We will not work with this comedian again and are proud of our students who are standing up and voicing their concerns about the performance.”

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