Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex Would Allegedly Call The Paparazzi On Them All The Time

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima may be broken up (for now), but the exes are still causing drama.

The two had a messy split, did he cheat or not? But more on that later.

The two ex-lovebirds were spotted getting sushi out in Malibu on September 3. The couple ate sushi in Kourtney’s Range Rover during their lowkey reunion. Their outing sparked rumors that the couple was getting back together. But not so fast! The plot has thickened.

Supposedly the two met up to have closure. But the closure meet-up was supposed to be private, but now we all know about it, so how? Well, now Bendjima is being accused of calling the paparazzi on their closure meetup so he can grasp at his last minutes of fame.


The Daily Mail reports that a Kardashian source believes Bendjima called up to the paps and told them where he and Kourtney would be. The source said that Kourtney grew suspicious of Bendjima’s intentions when they went to a sushi restaurant they’ve never been to before and the paparazzi was there soon after. The source also said that the Kardashians believed Bendjima would call the paps on the Kourtney and him when they were dating all the time.

That sounds so desperate. Sounds like Bendjima liked Kourtney’s fame a lot and misses it now.


Kourtney and Bendjima split up in early August because of differences. There is no confirmation of the reasoning, but sources say it’s because Bendjima didn’t like Kourtney’s racy Instagram photos and distance. They were on a break Kourtney posted a photo of her behind while wearing a thong bikini. Bendjima commented on the picture shading Kourtney that she needs to get naked for likes. Since that comment the truth of their breakup unraveled.


They were supposedly on a break when Bendjima was spotted with model Jordan Ozuna while on vacation in Mexico. The press started posting stories that he cheated, Bendjima accused the Kardashians of planting stories to make him look bad. Kim and Khloe sounded off on Instagram about the accusations and called Bendjima a liar.

The two exes haven’t seen each other until this little Malibu meetup.

Will Kourtney ever find a drama free boyfriend?


Kourtney took to Twitter to clear the rumors if Bendjima called the paps on their meeting. TMZ tweeted, “Kardashian Sisters Believe Younes Tipped OFf Photogs About Kourtney Meet-Up.”

Kourtney quote retweeted TMZ’s tweet and wrote, “FAKE NEWS.”

So there you have it, Bendjima didn’t call the paps.

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