Kourtney Kardashian Split With Younes Bendjima & He’s Now With A Yeezy Model





Kourtney Kardashian allegedly split with longtime boo Younes Bendjima. The couple went on a luxe Italian yacht vacation in the beginning on July but fast forward a month later and it looks like the two ended things.

It seems like their relationship is officially over considering the wanderlust couple unfollowed each other on Instagram. They haven’t deleted photos of one another on their profiles, but still, the unfollowing speaks volumes.

Now TMZ is reporting that Bendjima has moved on already. Right now he’s down in Mexico spending his time with Jordan Ozuna, a former Yeezy model. The crazy thing is this isn’t the first time Ozuna was linked to a Kardashian ex.


Back in 2013 Ozuna was dating Justin Bieber, who two years later would be rumored to be dating Kourtney. Supposedly the former Hooters waitress was married when she was with Bieber. She supposedly got married to Daniel Ozuna right out of high school and her estranged mother-in-law Kim Ozuna told Celebuzz that she was still legally married but was separated from her son. They got a divorce, but she kept her married last name.


In late 2016 Ozuna began dating Tyga right after he and Kylie Jenner broke up. To make things even juicier she modeled for Yeezy Season 3 in February 2016. This was the show that was at Madison Square Garden when the Kar-Jen’s rolled up in matching Yeezy outfits.


A few months later in May 2016 Kylie and Tyge broke up and then he started dating Ozuna. What are the chances the two met during the Yeezy fashion show?

Anyways back to Kourtney and Bendjima. TMZ’s source saying Kourtney is the one who ended the relationship. The two started dating in 2016 and unfortunately met the night that her younger sister Kim Kardashian got robbed.

Recently Younes left a slut-shaming comment on one of Kourtney’s Instagram pictures. He even feuded with one of Kourtney’s BFFs in another one of her photos as well.


Younes Bendjima responded to the rumors that he’s with Jordan Ozuna on his Instagram story.

“They really want me to be the bad guy,” Bendjima wrote. It’s unclear who the “they” is in his post. He could be referencing the media or the Kardashians. He didn’t confirm or deny his break up with Kourtney Kardashian.

He did confirm that he and Ozuna are just friends.


Kim and Khloe Kardashian and have both taken to Instagram to voice their own opinions about Bendjima. Kim called him a liar because he said he was going on a “boy trip,” while Khloe just shut it down when Bendjima said he wasn’ the bad guy.



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