WATCH: BTS & Nicki Minaj ‘Idol’ Music Video

Music fanatics won’t be risking their lives by dancing next to moving vehicles after BTS’s #IDOLCHALLENGE. Drake’s viral dance challenge to “In My Feelings” has met its match. The viral dance fairy appears to be spreading its dust all over the K-Pop sensation, BTS, aka the “Bangtan Boys”. Especially, in their new music video.

You’ll want to hop on the K-Pop (Korean Pop) bandwagon if you haven’t already. This music genre, originating from South Korea, has been thriving worldwide lately.  Largely in part by a group of 7 boys.  The Korean boy band just released an alternative music video to their song “Idol” off of their album Love Yourself.

The song featuring empowering female rapper, Nicki Minaj, charted No. 11 on the Billboard 200. Not bad for an album released just two weeks prior. The group released an original video the same day their album was released. Their original video didn’t have Nicki Minaj to throw her spin on it. And yet, the video still went on to have the biggest 24-hour YouTube debut of all time. The band beat out Taylor Swift‘s record last year for “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Leave it up to BTS to outdo others. Not only do they outdo others but they also outdo themselves! Praise and attention didn’t stop there. The new IDOL video is nothing short of color-popping visuals up until the very last second. Each member rocked a different splash of color to their hair as well. The snippet of the challenge at the end of the video showcases people from all over the world. Unity and carefree attitudes are exhibited throughout the hardcore choreography in the new BTS music video.

There’s no denying this song is a bop. The new video with the queen of rap, aka Nicki Minaj, in a neon green wig, tops it all off. After all, Minaj knows a thing or two about giving fans music they can unleash their inner fierceness with. She does it on her own time, though. Minaj’s new album with the fitting title, ‘Queen’, was finally released on August 10, 2018, after a series of delays. Fans from both parties appreciated this surprise BTS and Nicki Minaj music video collaboration.

The snippet of the challenge at the end of the new video showcases people from all over the world. Thanks to social media, the “IDOL Challenge” went viral. It includes groups and individuals proving they know the choreography. What better way to kick off a North American tour than to bring a viral dance to America? The self-assured attitude the BTS boys convey is sure to rub off on those participating in the challenge.

Lyrics like “I know what I am” and “I love myself, I love my fans, love my dance and my what?” will unleash your inner confidence. The new IDOL music video has the BTS fandom “shook.” Not only does it have the fans shaking in amusement, it will soon have the masses joining in on the movement.

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