Pete Davidson Unveils A Huge ‘Grande’ Tattoo In Honor Of Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson is no stranger to getting ink dedicated to his partners. Recently the Saturday Night Live cast member debuted some new ink on his ribs and it’s huge.

Davidson was photographed with his shirt off revealing a huge tattoo of the word “Grande” on his ribcage. The tattoo goes down the right-hand side of his ribcage. The tattoo covers a few inches of his stomach. The font is giant and cursive.

Of course, the tattoo is in honor of his fiancĂ©e Ariana Grande. Who knows when Davidson got the new ink, it could be days old or months old. I’m not keeping track of when was the last time Davidson was photographed shirtless, that’s what fan accounts are for.

On fan Instagram account @peteandariana, they shared a video of Davidson that Grande posted on her Instagram story. The video was uploaded on August 19. In the video, Davidson lifts up his shirt and there is no “Grande” ink. So within the last month, Davidson got inked up. This is his sixth Grande inspired tattoo, that we know of.

What sparked dating rumors between the two was when Davidson shows off a new tattoo that matched on Grande has. He got a little cloud tattooed on his middle finger, matching Grande’s tat. This sparked relationship rumors between the two, if only we knew then what was yet to come.

Almost immediately after they began dating Davidson got tattoos in honor of Grande. Davidson got a dangerous woman bunny mask behind his ear and her initials AG on his thumb.

Later the couple got matching tattoos that say “H2GKMO” which means “Honest 2 God Know Me Out.” They got the tattoo on their hands with a few other friends.

Their next matching tattoo was also on their hands. They both go the word “Reborn” on their thumb.

Later it was revealed that Grande got a tattoo to honor Davidson’s late father. She got his firefighter number “8418” tattooed on her leg. Her tattoo matches one Davidson got a long time ago.

Roughly a month after getting engaged we finally got a close up of Grande’s ring. In the photo, it shows that Grande has a small tattoo on her ring finger that says “Pete.” How cute.

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