Ashley I Explains Why She Got Engaged In Front Of Her Ex-Boyfriend On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

We all knew it was coming, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s engagement. We’ve seen the photos, the nearly 45 minute YouTube video about their relationship and the countless Instagrams.

We knew the couple would eventually make their way onto the cesspool that is Bachelor in Paradise. There on the picturesque beach with cameras rolling Jared would get down on one knee and propose to Ashley. It’s only right that they circled back to the place and show that brought them together.

Finally, during the ninth episode, Ashley and Jared’s moment aired. It was as magical as you could expect a planned engagement on Paradise could be.

They went on a casual walk on the beach and talked about their two-year journey that started on Paradise. The flashback was just a compilation of Ashley crying. Everyone on the show, including Chris Harrison, was up in the hut spying on the couple. After his cute speech of how much he loves her, Jared got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Ashley begins hyperventilating and says yes.

Then the rest of the crew stormed the beach to congratulate the newly engaged couple. During the congratulations Ashley’s ex-boyfriend Kevin offered his congratulations to only Ashley. During the entire proposal, the camera kept cutting back to him and he looked indifferent towards the proposal.

Fans were curious why Jared would propose to Ashely in front of her ex. In her Bachelor in Paradise recaps for Cosmopolitan, Ashley explained how the proposal went down.

“First off, Jared didn’t know that Kevin was part of the cast when we headed down to Mexico, and he’d been planning the proposal way since before Kevin was cast, period,” Ashley wrote. “It wasn’t until literally the night before our big moment that Jared found out Kevin was still in Paradise—and he fought to have him out on a date or in an interview at the time of our proposal, anything or anywhere that would prevent him from witnessing it. For everyone’s sake!”

“But, obviously, he didn’t win that fight; please recognize that not everything is in our control—Paradise is a television show,” she continued. “We also had no idea the cast was watching the proposal from the upper deck until everyone started cheering!”

So there you have it, they tried to not have Kevin there but failed. It all turned out okay though because Kevin said congrats and didn’t start any drama. Eh told Astrid afterward that the engagement “felt like a slap in the face.”

Kevin and Ashley dated during and after Bachelor Winter Games. They supposedly broke up because Ashley cheated on him and then she began dating Jared.

What do you think about the engagement?

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