How To Cure The Flu: 11 Basic Tips You Should Follow

Getting sick sucks, but it sucks, even more, when you are at college. You don’t have your mum to make you soup, and you can’t just skip out on school. You have responsibilities now, and being sick isn’t an excuse for not showing up. So here are some tricks to handle the flu in college!


Have a draft email for when you are sick to send out to your professors. It is always a good idea to be transparent with your professors and not just hide. Just send the one email to all of your professors and you are done! Your responsibilities are sorted out for the time being.

2. Herbs and hot water

Either you can make your own herbal concoction with lots and lots of black pepper, cayenne pepper, coriander, ginger, cumin, and honey OR you can just buy a premade sachet of it online and mix it into hot water and chug it. Being hydrated and taking these herbs will make you feel better and help your body fight off the flu faster. Here are the sachets that I recommend keeping in your dorm:

  1. Samahan
  2. Emergen-C

3. Go to your college’s health services

It may seem like a no-brainer to go to health services when you need health services, but a lot of people don’t use their resources! If your college doesn’t provide any health services (you should transfer schools) go to the closest free clinic near you. Call ahead, make an appointment and head on down! It’ll reassure your professors that you are actually sick and you may get prescribed drugs to get better faster!


4. Sleeeeep is your best friend

Rest your body. Your immune system is working hard so you should do everything you can to help your body. So just sleep for a day or two. Tell your roomie that you need to rest and the blinds need to be shut and fake cough in their face till they run to the library to do their work. It’ll save them from getting sick and give you some peace and quiet.

5. Say no to alcohol unless it is brandy

Most alcohol and other fun things will make your immune system weaker so you can get sicker so just avoid it, especially if you are on antibiotics. You should never mix alcohol with antibiotics. It is just a recipe for disaster. However, if you aren’t on any meds, a hot toddy, some diluted brandy with some honey, can clam your throat and body down.

6. Get Steamy

Boil some water, pour it in a bowl, cover it with a towel, stick your face in there and just breathe. It’ll clear up your sinuses and relieve any tension you may have. If you want something more powerful, add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or some slices or lemon.

7. Eat Well

Don’t eat that pizza that has been sitting in the corner of your dorm room for the past 3 days. It’s nasty and probably covered in germs. Instead, have some soup or some toast with honey. Keep it simple and fresh. Give your body what it needs to fight the flu.

8. Tissues for your issues

Always keep a box of Kleenex in your dorm room. It’ll save you the hassle of running out while you are sick to get a box. Everyone needs tissues, so it’ll always be useful.

9. Keep it clean

Use clean sheets and towels. Sanitise your space, especially when you are feeling better to avoid falling sick again. It may seem pointless, but it makes a huge difference. Nothing is worse than getting sick right after you were already ill.

10. Stay positive

Just because you are sick, it doesn’t mean you need to be down in the dumps. Maintain your mental health; watch your favorite movies and tv shows, slap on a face mask, maybe even do your nails. Get a hot/cold pack, use it however you like, and practice a little self-love. You may be gross at the moment, but you don’t have to feel gross.

11. Call your parents

Sometimes just calling your mum up and just telling her how you feel and getting her advice (that you probably won’t follow) is just nice. It makes you feel loved and a bit more secure. Being sick in college can be a little scary, and it’s nice to know that your parents are just a phone call away.

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