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Sep 9, 2020

Top 5 Plants To Grow In Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms tend to feel a bit sticky and dead after a while, but you can avoid that! Plants are...

Oct 13, 2018

A Girl’s Guide To Ganja: The Basics

There tends to be a stereotype for those who smoke weed; the lazy, dirty, hippy type of stereotype, but this...

Sep 27, 2018

Top 5 Things To NEVER Do On A Plane

View this post on Instagram Question. What is your cute, funny or special childhood dream? ❤️ . . In Fukushima...

What No One Tells You About Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Go To College

When you go to college, you expect to meet and date someone who also goes to college, preferably at the...

Sep 26, 2018

Top 10 Foods That Your Roommates Will Steal From You

Everyone does it, but it is still unbelievably annoying when you come home after 3 classes dreaming about some nice...

Sep 9, 2018

Top 10 Essentials To Start Your Chemical Free Beauty Journey

View this post on Instagram Love yourself… without your flaws, you wouldn’t be you 💗☺️🌸 #naturallifehappy A post shared by...

Sep 9, 2018

Sep 7, 2018

How To Cure The Flu: 11 Basic Tips You Should Follow Getting sick sucks, but it sucks, even more, when you are at college. You don’t have your mum to...

Sep 7, 2018

Dorm Room Workouts: Top 7 Best Exercises To Try Today

vixie92 | View On Instagram Exercising is hard. Especially if you don’t want to go to the gym and would...