Top 5 Things To NEVER Do On A Plane

Traveling is great, but it is also exhausting and can be slightly irritating. Especially if the people on your plane are invasive and inconsiderate. Want to avoid being one of those people or know anyone who is? Here are the top 5 things to Never do on a plane.

1. Get footsy

Don’t rest your feet on the armrest of the seat in front of you. Don’t put your feet on the headrest either. No one wants your feet near them when they are stuck on a multiple-hour flight with you. Just keep your feet to yourself.

2. Forget that other people exist.

Use your headphones. Don’t just watch a music video on your phone, out loud. Not everyone has the same taste as you, and some people will be trying to sleep. Headphones exist for this reason. Use them.

3. Be messy.

Accidents are fine. Obviously, but you get certain people who are just messy. For example, I was once seated next to a man who ate his orange juice like soup. Needless to say, it spilled all over him and myself. No one wants to sit and wait on a plane for 3 hours soaked in orange juice. Be sensible. Understand your restricted space and act accordingly. Please.

4. Ignore the rules.

If you are not a frequent flyer, listen to the cabin instructions that are presented before takeoff. And abide by them. No one cares if you are an anarchist. On a plane, these rules are actually important. So buckle up buttercup.

5. Be a bitch

Air hostess’ try their best in the given situation. Don’t yell at them, don’t be crude. Work with them. No one wants your drama in their face. You are in a confined space, tensions can be high, and whatever your annoyed about probably

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