Dorm Room Workouts: Top 7 Best Exercises To Try Today

Exercising is hard. Especially if you don’t want to go to the gym and would rather stay in your room. But finding something that doesn’t take up much space in your dorm is tough. Here are some exercises that will get you active in your dorm room!

1. Yoga

It’s easy, relaxing and stretches your muscles. Its ideal if you are looking to become flexible and healthy without much effort. You can find some great online yoga videos that will guide you through each session.

2. Squats

Simple and effective. Your booty will be in top-notch shape after a month of just squatting!

3. Hula hooping

Want rock hard abs but don’t want to give up on your most recent Netflix binge? Hula hooping lets you watch TV and get your dose of exercise that focuses on your core. You can also get a little creative with it and try out some funky hula moves.

4. Jump rope

Throwback to middle school! Jump rope is fun and gets you to sweat. It is great to get your stamina up and get you into shape.

5. Sex

It’s fun, and it’s a great work out. And your Dorm room is a great space for it.

6. Sleep

It may not be a traditional exercise, but you do grow a little every time you sleep! That sounds like a work out to me!

7. Weights

Whether it’s your books, or one side of your bed, lifting things will build muscle. Be creative and be sure to use the right form to avoid damaging your body.

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