What No One Tells You About Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Go To College

When you go to college, you expect to meet and date someone who also goes to college, preferably at the same college. But love doesn’t always happen that way. You may meet someone who goes to a different school or maybe no school at all! Maybe you go on a tinder date with a construction worker who chose the other path. And now you are thinking, how will this work? Well, there are a few things no one tells you about dating someone who doesn’t go to college.

1. No college does not mean idiot


Just because he doesn’t go to college doesn’t mean he isn’t smart or well read. It may be surprising to know that college does not define intellect or a thirst for knowledge. In fact, you might find that your mister man may be smart and more informed than most of your college friends.

2. Burst that bubble!


It may require a little more effort to see one another because he probably won’t live on campus or know anything about what is happening on campus. College tends to be a bubble, so you’ll have to burst it! But he will be more involved with the real world, outside of college so it will give you a chance to get to know the city you are in.

3. College parties?


Socialising doesn’t need to be awkward; you’d probably want your boyfriend with you at all the college parties and gathering. But it may be weird because he won’t know anyone or have anything in common with them. He won’t know about that pretentious professor who shows up to class hung-over but remember; there was obviously something that you two had in common so he will be able to socialize with your friends without a problem! And when it is time to meet his friends, just take a breath, and be yourself. If he likes you, they should as well. Just take it one step at a time.

4. You are not your college


You will learn more about yourself and the outside world than you’d expect to. You’ll learn about an alternative route to college and what you can do outside of the academic world. You might learn new skills and develop new interests.

5. When worlds collide


You will both be on different schedules. You’ll have your class schedule, he will have his work schedule and finding time for the both of you to be together might be rough. But, if you plan and communicate with each other, it doesn’t need to be that difficult. Also, you will be surrounded by academics and other students all day, and he will be surrounded by his blue-collar or his work life people all day, and those are very different environments and people. The shift in mentality might be confusing and frustrating. However, at the end of the day, if you genuinely care for one another, it doesn’t matter.

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