Here Is Every Product In Kim Kardashian’s New KKW Beauty Cherry Blossom Collection

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram KKW Beauty’s newest Cherry Blossom Collection. Kardashian wrote, “My new Cherry Blossom Collection is almost here and is inspired by my love for the pretty pink-colored trees (Chi’s baby shower was cherry blossom themed!)”

The press photos for the collection feature Kardashian (of course) naked or in nude underwear and laying in a bed of cherry blossoms.

The Cherry Blossom Collection consists of a new 10 shadow eyeshadow palette, three blushes, eight lipsticks and three lip liners. The only new product in the collection are the blushes, the rest have been released before in different colors.

The collection will feature pink and berry colors and it looks amazing. KKW Beauty’s Instagram posted a photo of the full collection. Even though the eyeshadow palette does feature pinks and berries, it still has a strong neutral aspect to it. Her Classic Palette has a more peachy orange undertone, so the pink undertones are refreshing.

The entire Cherry Blossom Collection will retail for $260, even though it’s valued at $279. The collection drops on September 14 at 12 P.M. PST. Check out the individual products below.

The Cherry Blossom Palette


The 10 pan palette has four glitter shadows and six matte shadows. The names for the colors are based on Kim’s third child Chicago and Japan. The shades from left to right are Chi, Baby, Samurai, Cherry, Blossom, Japan, Sakura, West, Season and Hanami. Hanami is the Japanese tradition of welcoming spring, it’s also dubbed as the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Cherry Blossom Blushes

$18 Each

As described on the KKW Beauty site, “These first-ever KKW Beauty blushes incorporate pearls to illuminate and highlight the feature while bringing a soft flush to the apples of the cheeks.”

The blushes come in three shades, Grace, Karma and Destiny. Grace is described as a “terracotta peach,” Destiny is a Pink Rose with light Gold Pearl” and Karma is a “Plum Red with Gold Pearl.” Grace and Destiny are more on the peachy orange side, KKW Beauty’s go-to undertone, and not super pink and berry like the collection promises.

Cherry Blossom Pink Crème Lipstick

$18 Each

The Cherry Blossom collection also features eight new lipstick shades. The colors range from cool to warm undertones so there is something for everybody. This collection also features a dark berry and neon pink shade.

Cherry Blossom Pink Crème Lip Liner

$12 Each

When there are lipsticks there are liners. The Cherry Blossom collection features three new pink and berry liners. KKW Beauty says the liners will add “dimension and shape to the lips.”

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