Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Bekah Martinez Reveals She’s Pregnant

Bekah Martinez turned down Bachelor in Paradise this summer because she had a boyfriend, but turns out there is another reason why she turned down the opportunity, she’s pregnant.

Bekah talked to PureWow about her recent pregnancy announcement. Bekah and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard were only dating for three months when Bekah became pregnant. The couple is now going on seven months strong, but aren’ going to be getting hitched anytime soon.

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“I was in disbelief and thought, ‘Is this really happening?'” Martinez told PureWow. “I immediately called Grayston and then went across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought two more pregnancy tests. They, of course, were both positive.”

The 23-year-old said that at first, Grayston was unsure if he was ready to be a dad, but Bekah knew she was ready.

“It’s the one thing that I’ve known with certainty for so long,” Bekah said. “I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of marriage and relationships, but I’ve always felt sure that I want to be a mom.”

She said that she found out she was expecting on Father’s Day, June 17, 2018. She kept her pregnancy a secret until now. It’s standard that pregnancy announcements don’t happen until after the first trimester is over. For Bekah her first trimester would be over in early September, so the timeline checks out. According to PureWow Bekah is 20 weeks into her pregnancy and is due at the end of January 2019.

Clearly, this pregnancy is unplanned, and Bekah has no problem admitting it. “I wanted to share this experience with other women who have been in a similar situation or might be in the future, so they know they’re not alone,” she stated.

Despite the surprise, Bekah has been embracing her impending motherhood. She told PureWow that she’s super energized and is still hiking and climbing. But then she contradicted her statement and said that she gets exhausted climbing up stairs.

The couple still has some baby matters that they need to take care of like, finding out the gender, picking out an Instagram handle and choosing a name. Bekah says they’ll be picking a “baby name outside of the Bachelor world.” I’m not sure what that means, maybe they won’t name their child Chris after Chris Harrison.

Bekah has declared her Bachelor days are over, but she has plenty to look forward to. What do you think about Bekah’s unplanned pregnancy?

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