There’s A Huge Debate If Meghan Markle Was Photographed While Her Dog Pooped

Meghan Markle is officially a Duchess, so with a royal title, you think there are certain things that are below her now, like picking up her dog’s poop. Apparently, a local Miami reporter Lisa Petrillo spotted the Duchess doing just that while on her trip to Kensington Palace.

Petrillo posted a grainy photo of a woman dressed in all black holding a leash to a small white and black dog who was pooping. Petrillo tweeted that she was casually walking past Kensington Palace when she noticed a woman outside the entrance to Prince Harry and Meghan’s private entrance that had a “familiar air” about her.

The reporter says that the woman was Meghan and “she couldn’t have been sweeter” and ended the tweet with the hashtag #PrincessesPickUpPoopToo and the grainy photo attached.

She then followed up to the tweet saying she pet Meghan’s dog.

The person looks vaguely of the Duchess, but it’s hard to tell given the hat and the quality of the photo. Now people are saying this woman isn’t Meghan.

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People are also freaking out if the dog is pooping on royal grounds. I know I’m American, but I don’t get the big deal of where the dog is pooping. The Queen has a million corgis, who are kept on royal grounds at all times, where do you think they do their business?

TMZ tweeted about the “scandal” saying that Meghan let her dog poop on Buckingham Palace grounds, even though this photo was taken at Kensington Palace.

After they posted about the photo, a royal source told them the woman in the photo was not Meghan and that wasn’t her dog.

A well-known Royal commentator Omid Scobie tweeted that the woman in the photo is in fact not Meghan.

So what’s the truth?

Let’s just think about this logically. I’m not a royal expert but I am someone with internet access and a brain, so I think I can crack the case.

For starters, what are the odds that Meghan is hanging outside the private part of the palace grounds without security guards? You could argue that they are standing outside of the photo’s frame, but why would they be standing so far away from the Duchess?

Why would Meghan take her dog out to the public grounds and not the private ground to poop? There is green space in the private grounds!

Thirdly the dog doesn’t look like Meghan’s and Harry’s dog. Meghan has a beagle named Guy who is white, brown and black. The dog has brown ears and a big spot on its back. The newly married couple recently got another dog named Oz that is a black labrador. The dog in the photo doesn’t fit either of those descriptions. If the couple got a third dog it would have definitely made the news.

I think it’s safe to say this Miami reporter got played by a Meghan lookalike. What do you think?

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