Kendall Jenner Returns To The Runway For The First Time Since Throwing Shade At Models

Kendall Jenner has made her Fashion Week debut during London’s Fashion Week at the Burberry show. The show was not just Jenner’s first show of the season, but also Riccardo Tisci’s first as Burberry’s creative head and the brand’s new logo.

Jenner was styled in a monotone camel colored outfit with coordinating heeled boots that had a slight peep-toe, pant, button-up blouse, a belt bag and the iconic Burberry trench coat. Her trench coat was decked out with mini gold rings that lined the edges and seams of the coat. The makeup was minimal and natural and her hair was slicked back into a low bun.

The 22-year-old totally skipped out on modeling during New York Fashion Week. She spent this year’s NYFW watching the Longchamp show and attending a bunch of parties.

The last runway she walked down was for Versace’s Men’s Spring Summer 2019 collection in June. Before that, she only walked in a few shows for NYFW 2017.

The reason for her not walking down the catwalk is her mental health. She says that she gets anxiety when it comes to runway shows, but even then she is still “super selective” of the shows she does.

Her selection of shows has gotten her into a lot of trouble. In August she was quoted in Love magazine throwing shade at the other models who have to walk “like 30 shows a season” to make ends meet.

The full quote reads:

“Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what show I would do. I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season of whatever the f**k those girls do. More power to ’em. But I have a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else. The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back.”

Jenner received immense backlash from models and others involved in the industry. A lot of them credited her last name and inherit wealth as what is allowing her to be selective not that she’s actually earned that status. Also, these models are working multiple shows because this is their only source of income, they don’t have a reality TV show to fall back on.

This clip of her practicing walking during Keeping Up With THe Kardashians went viral afterward.

Kendall addressed her comment on Twitter saying she was “misrepresented” and that she meant to be “complementary” to other models because they work so hard.

I wonder if backstage at the Burberry show was awkward for Kendall.

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