Bill Cosby Sentenced To Prison & Labeled “Sexually Violent Predator”

Bill Cosby’s sentencing hearing has come to a close with him being sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. Judge Steven O’Neill has ruled that Cosby will be classified as a “sexually violent predator” as well.

“This was a serious crime,” Judge O’Neill told Cosby. “Mr. Cosby this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.”

The 81-year-old was convicted of assaulting Andrea Constand in his home 14 years ago. In April 2018, the jury came to a unanimous decision that Cosby was guilty. He was charged with three felony counts – penetration with lack of consent, penetration while unconscious and penetration after administering an intoxicant.

Originally the three felony counts had a maximum of 10 years in prison each, so Cosby originally faced a maximum 30 years of prison. But then the prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to merge the three counts to one making the maximum sentencing 10 years.

Prosecutors wanted Cosby to be sentenced to five to 10 years to prison. While Cosby’s attorney, Joseph P. Green argued that because of his old age and health he should be sentenced to house arrest.

“What does an 81-year-old man do in prison?” Green asked. “How does he fight off the people who are trying to extort him, or walk to the mess hall?”

Ultimately Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. He will have to serve three years minimum before he is eligible for parole. Cosby’s new sexually violent predator status means he will have to be registered for life, have mandatory sex offender counseling with treatment and have to notify community members that an SVP lives in the area.

“No one is above the law, and no one should be treated differently or disproportionally,” Judge O’Neill said during his ruling. “I have given great weight to the victim impact testimony i this case, and it was powerful.”

Cosby also fined $25,000 and was denied bail meaning he will be sent to prison immediately.

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